NBA Scouts will be all over tomorrow’s game

Six possible draft picks, including 4 Hogs, will be on display.

3 Miller
6 Smith
10 Black
29 Clowney
39 Walsh
50 Council

This latest Mock draft also has 3 others from SEC

14 Cason Wallace (Kentucky)
17 Gigi Jackson (SC)
52 Julian Philips (Tennessee)

That’s not good for us on Walsh.

I think Walsh comes back. Me personally haven’t seen enough outta him. I’m not a scout so, just my opinion.

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I haven’t seen every frosh play, but Miller is the best I’ve seen this season.

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Helps when you have players around you. The guy from SC is good as well, but has no help. AB for us is really good and doesn’t shoot the ball as much as he could. Plus we haven’t seen Smith as much either. Hopefully he’ll break out as time goes.

But great for Walsh which matters most.

I didn’t think JayWill was leaving, I’m not going to try and pick again. :joy::joy::joy:


We would have been so much better this season with JayWill playing the 5. He was getting better offensively but was tremendous defensively. He would have made a huge difference this season playing for the Hogs. Alas, he’s a pro.

We’ll feel the same way next year about Nick - wishing he stayed for year 2.

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