NBA Playoffs!

Who do you guys got winning it all? …Do you think it will be another title for Golden State, or will Lebron show he’s the true MVP and win with a depleted roster, or last but not least will James Harden and Houston pull off the ultimate upset and become champs like their cross city counter parts the Astros?

First of all, this is the best time of the year for me as far as basketball. Nothing like NBA playoffs,

I pick Rockets over 76ers in the NBA finals. I just love the way Sixers shoot the ball plus Simmons is just amazing and hopefully they will have Embid back soon.

I disagree with you about the best time of year. I think March Madness blows the NBA out of the water. I don’t like some of the rules changes that are geared towards the offensive player (it also seems refs allow a “named” player, like Lebron to get away with a lot more than someone like Robert Covington).

As for the finals, I think you’re correct on the Rockets making it to the finals. I’m just not sure any team in the East has proven they want it.

If there’s a former hog playing I’ll watch otherwise I won’t.

Joe Johnson is finally going for a ring with the Rockets. He’s playing about 20 minutes off the bench.

What I like about NBA Playoffs over March Madness is that because it is not a single elimination tournament, the best team always wins and you see best players in the world go against each other. There is no Michigan-Loyola semi in NBA. Of course I enjoy March Madness. It is basketball after all.

First of all I’m really impressed with Simmons he’s a much better player than he showed in college but going to the finals wow, especially in his first year, would be a feat…I think the sixers are good but maybe just a year or two too young

Me being a kobe fan it would be so nice for me if Cleveland loose in the first round :slight_smile:

100% agreed

This! Quit watching shortly following larry bird/M. Johnson era…well did watch a lot of Jordan but don’t remember if there was overlap there or not.

I watch all that I can.

While baseball is my favorite sport hands down, I love me some high school, college and NBA action.

I wish they would go back to 3 of 5 in the first round. Actually 2 of 3 back in the day made the first round more interesting to me. It won’t happen because of revenue, of course.

Why? To shorten the playoffs? Best of 7 ensures the best team advances.

Personal preference. I just don’t find individual games that interesting in a 7 game series until the home team loses a game or until game 5. If the home team wins the first two, the next two games are just survival games for the opponent. Essentially it’s a blowout unless the other team can hold serve at home. In the first round you have some mismatches, too. It’s pointless to make a heavy favorite bludgeon an overmatched opponent four times.

I would push back a little on the “best” team always winning. Some teams just matchup well with an opponent even if they have less of a chance of advancing in future rounds. Plus, the favored, more telegenic team also gets calls. 7 games give the refs ample time to swing the series. The infamous Sacramento-LA series comes to mind. Weber and company should have been in the Finals instead of Kobe and Shaq. For my tastes the best team always advancing is also too extreme on the polar opposite of the NCAAT, where random luck and good fortune probably play too much of a factor.

The NBA playoffs are just too formulaic. Early in the series I usually have a pretty good idea of who will win the next game based on where the series is at. For instance, a home team down 2-0, if they aren’t completely overmatched, will usually win game 3 and be a solid favorite in game 4 as the team with homecourt advantage relaxes a bit and the refs know that the league wants a longer series. Then the media will gush about how said team has all the momentum, and they will then get crushed in game 5 on the road. Let’s just get to the interesting part of the series more quickly, and making an upset a little more likely adds drama for my tastes. Moses taking out Showtime back in the 80’s in a three-game series wasn’t the worst result that could have happened to the NBA, even though I was crushed at the time.