NBA playoffs to resume?

I knew that was going to happen.

Missing a couple of days isn’t a true boycott. Like I’ve said multiple times, I support them using their platform as athletes to help raise awareness, but this smacked of lip service from the get go. People are already getting frustrated with sports right now anyway, so why not go all in and boycott the season and your pay to make a true statement.

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Don’t know about you and others on the board, but I sort of stopped following the NBA with the end of the Bulls dynasty. I will casually pay attention to the NBA finals, but other than that I can and have lived without it.
I much prefer the college game and the campus atmosphere and all the lead up to March Madness.


Personally I’ve not watched/followed the NBA since Sidney retired. It just does not interest me at all. I could care less. Pretty much the same with the NFL and MLB. They can shut them down as far as I’m concerned.

I love college football, basketball and baseball. And follow them closely.

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Haven’t watched a professional sport since '82. Not once in these past 38 years did I feel I was missing out on anything of great importance by finding other things to do.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. COVID did one thing for America. It taught us what was essential and what was non-essential. Many people discovered that when sports was halted, after a while they realized how NON-ESSENTIAL it really turned out to be in their lives. The results was a loss in viewership when it returned. People had found other forms of entertainment. Then add in the social justice antics and it turned even more people away.

The boycott would have done even further damage to their entertainment model and driven more people away during a time when they cannot afford to do that. I think they realized they would be cutting off their nose to spite their face.

People turn to sports for entertainment and escape from the drudgery of everyday life. If they now have to be force fed what they are trying to avoid, then pretty soon they will seek escape somewhere else. If enough people do that, then those big sports salaries and profits will evaporate and dry up. Without people watching, the big TV dollars that drives their cash flow will dry up faster than water spilled in the desert. PUFF! and its gone.

So in my opine, they should stick to their sport during their actually event time. Do their politics / social justice on their own time. There are so many other ways to have your voices heard or do good works in politics / social justice than mixing it with sports.

Two points: One, on their own time it doesn’t have the same impact. Two, Jacob Blake was shot this week, not in October. If they waited until the season was over, little or no impact, like “what exactly are you protesting, that thing in August in Kenosha?”

The NBA knows exactly what its market is. And there’s a whole lot of urban Blacks in that market. And even more urban Blacks in the player pool. One of whom was the victim of police brutality himself. It’s not just something that happens to other people.

And remember a few years back the New York cops broke an NBA player’s leg.

There are going to be protests when the NFL gets going too, and it will be amusing to watch heads explode. If you think people flipped over Kaepernick, wait until this season,

But that’s one of the questions I’m asking, is it making an impact at all? You stated the NBA knows it’s market and pool of talent, if that’s the NBA’s/players stance, then this whole thing is a charade with no merit. I mean, if you can watch the NBA, then you obviously can see the news about Jacob Blake. They’re not bringing more awareness or invoking any major change.

Actually, I think so many people are over politicizing tragedy and the antics of sports, that they’ll continue to do REAL boycotting and not watch or attend games. Lets see these guys make the elaborate amount of money they are requesting when all the revenue dries up.

As I said before, once they started the boycott, they were in a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” situation.

They would have been criticized whenever they resumed or if they never resumed. I can come up with reasons to criticize either way. And by the way, if they hadn’t boycotted at all, some would criticize them as rich athletes not caring about what is happening in the community.

They did accomplish some of the actions NBA is going to take as a result of this and they definitely raised of awareness of people voting on both sides of the aisle.

For me, I am happy that play resumes and I get to watch the best basketball in the world. Nothing like NBA Playoffs,

Finally, there is not a better sports commissioner than Adam Silver. Things just seem to happen smoothly and without division in NBA unlike in other sports leagues. He allowed NBA to raise awareness of the social injustice but did not sacrifice the playoffs.

While I would agree with most of this, TV ratings are going the wrong way. Social awareness might be raised, but league revenue and salary cap may not. I suspect if you ask the owners, whom Adam works for, they might disagree with you.

He’s definitely a players commissioner, a far cry from his predecessor

I did not mean they have to wait until the season is over to be active on their own time. A televised game is what 2-3 hours long. They may play 2 or 3 times a week. That leaves a lot of spare time to stump for what ever floats their boat. Even while the issue is hot. And do you think if Lebron or Lillard or some other such star wants a news conference sometime and its not during a game that the networks would tell him no and not cover him. Hell no, they’d cover it, so they’d still get a platform.

I see what you are saying. But as it is a boycott (which was like workers striking) may not accomplish the end goal. Do you think a news conference held in between games will accomplish anything? Based on the position you are taking, would such a news conference even catch your attention? I think unless it is done at our inconvenience, it is not going to catch attention of most,

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Catch my attention?? Are you kidding? Why do I need someone from the NBA to draw my attention to whats going on? I see tons of it on MSNBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CSPAN, social media, etc. We are bombarded with information every day almost every hour. You’d have to be living under a rock to not know whats going on right now. If it took an NBA boycott for a person to become aware, then that person is an uninformed fool and deserves what he gets for hiding his head in the sand. I’d agree it might take a boycott for the NBA to make us aware of something going on within the NBA and its organization, but something about whats going on around our nation, not a chance. The cats already out of the bag.

I do not look to the NBA for my leadership. They are an entertainment industry, why would I let them shape my political beliefs. Their concern as a group is their own bottom line, just look at the whole china fiasco. Threaten them to lose tons of money and their social justice voices get silent all of a sudden (China showed us that). As far as I’m concerned their opinion carries as much weight as the regular Joe down at the local grocery store. In fact the average Joe would probably carry more weight to me as he is in touch with regular everyday people. He is not living in a big multi-million dollar mansion surrounded by security playing a game for a living.


It’s really simple. The more political the NBA, NFL, MLB get the more losses in viewership they will reap. I hope they all suffer huge drop-offs in their future earnings. These folks, like the Hollywood elites, have nothing of interest to say or lecture to me about anything. I am only interested in their expertise as actors or players beyond that their opinion means less to me than my local banker. I don’t want to know their political leanings and certainly not their world views. Their views carry less weight with me than my eleven year old grandson’s. If any of them think violence and destruction of other people’s property is excusable, they are fools. Brainwashed tools. They live in a make believe world and they don’t realize their jobs are not essential. Appreciated and enjoyed but not essential.


Who cares! Let those players go into politics!
There wasn’t a protest in Searcy when a 74 year old man was killed by a young man who kicked his door down and stabbed and beat him to death.
Oh course there weren’t any protest the color of the killer eliminated that.
The Bible tells is all that all lives matter!

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I feel the same way. I do not need some Multi-Milionaire Pro Athlete who has never had a real job in their life or had much education telling me how I should feel and think.


Ali went to jail for his social beliefs, King James took the weekend off.

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First of all, asking for racial equality is not a political issue. It is a cultural issue. By calling it political, it sounds like one party wants it and other one doesn’t.

But regardless, I have never understood why athletes and entertainers cannot make political statements but bankers, doctors, lawyers and so on can. It is like saying athletes and entertainers are second class citizens and cannot participate in our democracy. As you can see recently concluded conventions on both sides had athletes and entertainers. I am proud that our democracy welcomes that.

Now if someone doesn’t want to hear from an athlete or entertainer because they are on the other side of the aisle, I totally understand it and that is everyone’s right in our democracy.

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Bankers, doctors, and lawyers don’t have a national audience present while performing their work. Sports is entertainment, not a political forum.

For me, I’m fine with sports and entertainment stars supporting their social causes, just not at the venue they are supposed to be entertaining us and their fans. I love to read where sports figures are helping their communities by giving dollars and their time.


Interesting comparison there. In all the years I’ve visited bankers, doctors, lawyers, etc, I can never recall a single time on that business where they were pushing a political agenda on me. It was generally all business. Banker would talk banking business, doctor would be diagnosing me, lawyer would be helping me with the law. As it should be. When they are at work, it should be all business.

Now if I bumped into them in a situation where they were not at work, it was a whole different ball of wax. My doctor spent half the night talking fishing, my banker spent an hour talking about horses, my lawyer, well he was still obsessed with law things and was sorta boring. Still the point is I didn’t care because I wasn’t with them at that point for their service / job. They were on their own time away from work.

And that is my whole point… why can’t athletes and entertainers be like every other job out there. When your at work, just focus on your job. People don’t go to see you to hear your politics or social reforms. But by all means… on your own time do what you gotta do or feel you need to do… thats your right.

Why can’t they be more like doctors, bankers, and lawyers? Professionals when they are on the job, but doing their own thing when they are not on the job. Athletes and entertainers want to use their job as a platform.

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I am sure businessmen, bankers and others do attend campaign events in regular working hours, but I see your point of politics on your own time. As long as it is consistent across all professionals, athletic or not, I do respect that opinion. It has logic behind it.

So if that is the measure, I am assuming you are not with the “shut up and dribble” crowd that doesn’t want them get into politics at work or away from work. That was more of what I was getting at.