NBA moving toward end of one-and-done

New CBA is being negotiated, and the league and the players association are in general agreement on reopening the draft to 18-year-olds. But the union wants a bit more. From The Athletic:

The NBA and NBPA have momentum on an agreement to terms that would lower the age to 18 for the draft, but sources say the union is pushing for conditions that would facilitate veteran players providing tutelage and orientation to the high schoolers entering the league. The players union wants to maintain the presence of veteran players and not allow newcomers to replace them, especially in the cases of teams with high school prospects who enter the NBA.

Fine by me.

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I wish they would go to the baseball rule. Go out of high school if you want, but if you go to college you aren’t eligible to be drafted until you turn 21 or complete three years or graduate - whichever happens first.

I know that the sports are completely different, but the current system is a joke. If you don’t want to go to college go to G-League if not draftable.

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It’s a sham now. Let them play out of HS.


Agreed let these divas go out of HS.


One and done is frustrating as a fan. There is amazing talent to watch but the inconsistency, and lack of cohesiveness is frustrating. Let them go and as a poster said above, go to the baseball rules.

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