NBA mock draft

AB is in the top 10. NSJ isn’t. And RC4 in the high second round.


I wonder about Council. In a lot of recent games he can’t seem to beat his man off the dribble. He had a great game at Baylor but often he tries his back and forth shake and bake and it does nothing. Defender stays right in front of him. I’m having a hard time seeing him as an NBA 2 guard that can get his shot off.

I think what happened in the last two games is exactly what Nick was concerned about returning to play. If he shows rest of the season that he still has what he had, he will be right back to Top 5. Otherwise, bowing to fan pressure (that is my hunch) may have cost him.

Where’s Walsh?

Hopefully back in a Hog jersey.


Since there is a paywall, can you list the top 10 and where Hogs landed?

Sure. Teams are, of course, projections based on the NBA standings earlier this week, which will almost certainly change. Also team needs are not taken into account.

AB #7 to the Wizards.
NSJ #12 to Portland
RC4 #37 to OKC.

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