NBA mock draft: Moody #8 (paywall)

Projected to New Orleans. Moses and Zion would be an interesting combo on the bayou.

Is it really set in stone he want come back? I mean I don’t blame him for going, but he may wanna experience a real college yr b4 going pro.

The #8 draft pick this year signed a four-year contract for $22 million with the first $10 million guaranteed. Would you turn down 10 mill for a real college year? I wouldn’t.

Not a chance. Take the 10 million guarantee all day long! I wish All college sports worked the deft like baseball. Let the players get do through the draft and if they don’t get what they want return to college. That would have benefited Thurman a whole lot. Quales too!

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Ok yeah, that number opened my eyes!

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