NBA mock draft after the lottery

Spurs win the lottery for Victor Wembanyama. Which means Utah is there at #9 to take AB and Nick at #15 to ATL

Walsh is listed at #48 to the Clippers. No sign of RC4.

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Spurs have to be the luckiest franchise of all time…seriously.
Robinson, Duncan, and Wenbanyama…c’mon, man.

I’m hoping AB goes to the OklaHogs, Dallas, or the Wiz (to play with Big Dan).

I am also wondering why Nick doesn’t seem to be participating in the combine?

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I’m surprised how his medical info has stayed under wraps so long

I mean the nba teams got to have all the details and images about his knee at this point. You figure scouts and agents and lots of folks are in the know by now. But it’s still just crickets in the media. “Knee management” sheesh. I thought we’d have something more substantial once the combine got here

Why should we know? IMO it’s none of my business. I understand why we don’t…first none of those close to him has elaborated. Second HIPPA laws prevent doctors and teams from disclosing tha info.

ESPN Draft has Walsh at 38 and RCIV at 41.

The Athletic came out with a lottery mock polling all of their writers; AB at #6 to Orlando due to his “smarts”. Nick was not listed as a lottery pick.

One team is going to get a steal towards the end of Round 1.

That’s a common misunderstanding. Hippa laws only apply to sharing of medical info between certain institutions. Nobody’s going to jail for breaking a scoop on an athletes injury status.

Smith will be the steal of the draft.

I agree no one will go to jail but without consent of the injured person it’s not ethical to release the info.

The team doctor (or trainer) would be a covered entity under HIPAA, and any injury info that gets released comes from them. HIPAA penalties do not involve jail time, but they do involve big fines.

Ok but what about all the other people who the health info has been disclosed to? I don’t think all the nba agents, scouts, GMs etc etc would be considered covered entities. I’m just saying that there’s a discovery process that happens for the nba draft and anyone participating such as NSJ would be compelled to disclose some personal info, a lot more than he has disclosed to the public so far. And that info inevitably gets out. That’s just how pro sports works. Not the same luxury of keeping secrets about your physical health like when you’re an amateur. And doesn’t really have anything to do with hippa, except as you say for covered entities, doctors etc. employers and media aren’t covered entities. Anyways I’m sure there a plenty of governing rules for the specifics about privacy/ lack of privacy laid out in the nba collective bargaining agreement. I’d be more interested to know what that cba says than what hippa says as far as nba draft prospects go

Lots of mock draft predictions out there, but NBC has Black at #6 to Orlando; Smith at #12 to Okla City; and Council IV to Indiana at #29. If Hogs get 3 first round draft picks, that would be an amazing result.

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Last time that happened was day, mayberry and Miller in 92

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And i think Isaiah Morris was a high 2d rounder that year.