NBA Hogs - 25% into the seasom

Portis - 27.1 min 13.5 pts 47.7% FG 32.4% 3PT, 10.5 rebs
Gafford. 12.6 min 5.1 pts, 72.9% FG, 3.6 rebs
Moody. 14.8 min 4.9 pts 39.4% FG, 32.5% 3PT, 1.8 rebs
Joe. 8.1 min 4.9 pts 48.1% FG 45.2% 3PT 1.3 rebs
Beverley. 27.4 min 4.1pts 26.6% FG 23.8% 3 PT 3.9 rebs 2.9:assists
Jaylin. 7.0 min. 2.8 pts 45.5% FG 2.0 rebs

Portis has been the 6th man with some starts when Lopez or Giannis is rested

Gafford was a starter at the start of the season, but is now coming off the bench.

Joe is getting spot minutes every game and shooting the three well

Moody’s minutes average is boosted by a few starts when starters are rested. He has had several DNPs in the last 8 games or so. IMO, he is just not aggressive when he does play. He kind of waits for the game to come to him. Not what NBA SGs do. Kind of worried about his future at Golden State. One of Jordan Poole and Divicinenzo need to be traded for Moses to get into a permanent rotation. DNPs worry me.

Beverley is Beverley, including technicals and suspensions

Jaylin Williams is moving back and forth between Thunder and G League.

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Good stuff PJ. One note: as you mention on Moses may be helpful too see games played. On minutes it looks like Isaiah and Jaylin are similar (8 vs. 7) but just looking at ESPN stats, it appears Isaiah has gotten into 15 games out of 20 and Jaylin only 5.

Moses may get traded at some point this season. His trade value may be higher than his roster value unless/until somebody gets hurt.

Gafford’s minutes dropped significantly with the return of a healthy Porzingis, who’s tearing it up this season so far. Porzingis only played 17 games for Washington last year after being traded from Dallas in Feb.

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Was at the Hornets v Wizards last night. Dan was a menace and got big crunch time run. 6 blocks, 12 boards but only 4/10 from the foul line and the ‘zards lost by one.

Washington was +16 with him on the floor.

Were Gafford and Porzingis together on the floor for some time?

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Majority of the 4th quarter where Washington out scored my buzz 28-10

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