NBA Draft top 100

From Sam Vecenie at The Athletic

AB at #8
NSJ at #11
RC4 at #34
TB at #42

(Drew Timme at #65)
(Kel’el Ware at #77)

He notes that although he gets input from NBA teams, this is his ranking; an individual team may view AB or Nick or whoever differently.

Not much on individual players here, and nothing specific on any of those six listed above, but it you wanna read:

Wow, I sure don’t see things playing out the way he does, guess that definitely shows what I know about talent. You tell me they are going to play another year of college ball and I can buy into that a lot easier. I understand they will probably be in training league before moving to the big time I guess, at times they have all looked terrible against college talent. I sure hope he’s right and all these guys become big time players! WPS

It’s all about where they project, not where they are today.

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To me Nick is ready to play in NBA. At times AB doesn’t seem ready as a shooter, but all other skills seem to be NBA ready as a small forward. His mechanics on shooting seem to be okay, he just needs a lot of reps to gain confidence in his shot. His handle and court vision are very appealing at the SF spot.

To me, Nick and AB have the look of NBA players more than anyone in the Muss era.

I see Ricky getting drafted but will spend next year in G League. He needs to develop an outside shot. Not sure that will happen with the poor mechanics he has.

Not sure about TB with how well he is recovering.

As far as Ware, he should have come to Arkansas. He would have been drafted after a year here. Altman having two other big men has slowed his progress.

I haven’t watched Oregon this year so I might be off but I suspect Ware’s motor is still an issue. If he was a complete dog, dawg whatever way the kids spell it, he would be a lottery pick.

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Seems like he’s the other kind of dog, the kind curled up asleep on the porch.


I saw him play two games when he was starting as a result of injury to starter. Motor was still off and on. When it was on, he looked really good. He dominated. I have not seen him play coming off the bench to see what kind of energy he brought.

If he were my dog several months ago his motor would be revving like crazy, only issue would be getting in foul trouble. But my Lab has just turned two and is showing his Wares, still big and athletic but much more laid back.

Btw, one big difference, even as a young pup my guy has never had a desire to roam, always wants to stay close to home.