NBA Draft Status

So is there any word on when NCAA players have to inform whether they are staying in the draft or not? I really hope that Isaiah Joe comes back because he would really fill in our roster perfectly, but up to what point is Coach Muss obligated to keep him on the roster (mid June, mid July)? Or does Coach Muss have to eliminate another players scholarship if he finds a Grad Transfer or a recruit that he thinks can help the team? Covid has changed the timing of things and nobody is to blame, but there has to be some definitive date for college players to commit to the NBA or come back to their university. The NBA does not help by stringing out their decision on when the NBA Draft will be. If the NFL can have their draft what is the holdup on the NBA Draft? I realize that they haven’t been able to hold their combine for future draft picks, but at some point a decision has to made.

The deadline to withdraw your name was June 3 but that’s been extended without an exact date. The draft is June 25 so it can’t to be too much longer than the 3rd.

Someone would have to leave if a transfer is added.

Thanks for the exact date of the Draft. I thought since they had postponed the Lottery and the Combine they may have changed the Draft date as well. And, yes, I know that someone would have to leave if he added another player (and I’m pretty sure that he does not want to do that). I’m sure that’s why nobody has made a decision to come here unless they’re willing to wait on Joe’s decision.

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