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Jones is the 11th pick in the 2nd round - to the Pelicans
Joe is the 17th pick in the 2nd round - to the Bulls

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Here is an ESPN insider’s take on Joe. I have seen Joe’s draft position all over the place from 30 to 72. I have even heard an ESPN talking head say that Boston Celtics really like him as a possible first rounder. With no combines, a lot of mystery around the draft.

I recall Muss saying that Joe’s parents made the decision to stay in the draft only after getting feedback from NBA teams. Don’t know if that is coachspeak or it is real.

Still if I have to put my money on this, think Joe comes back.

I’ve also saw him projected to the Celtics in the 1st round. If one team has supplied him or his parents with that feedback (take him in the first), I see him staying in the draft.

I would love to have Mr. Joe back on the hill for another year. However, if he does go to the NBA, I think we still have the personnel to be a Sweet Sixteen team. Coach Muss has really brought some thoroughbreds onto the team. Seeing what he did with last year’s team makes me very optimistic about what he can do with the tools he has now.

The feedback I got during the season by some who are very close to top NBA brass seemed to think Joe would be drafted if he stays in. A couple of teams were debating with their first pick, but it was not a sure thing then and I don’t believe it is now.

The tough part about one team saying they “might” take you in the first round is a tough predicament. You need about 10 teams saying that. If it’s one, and someone they liked more that was a probably top five pick falls, they take that player and then there is no one who likes you left to take you. It happens all the time.

I see it in football. They say all you need is one team to like you for you to go high. But if that’s the only team that likes you, it’s a crap shoot because they may get a shot at a player they never imagined.

I think a combination of his injury and the pandemic kept him from being a low first round pick this year. The Hogs were 0-5 in games he missed, but don’t forget he tried to play in a game before they sat him and because of his injury, he played poorly and only played a few minutes.

If the injury and the pandemic never happened, it’s almost certain, we would have been an NCAA team with maybe even a little run. Joe was playing well towards the end of the season and would have got exposure in the SEC tourney and the NCAAs.

I hope he looks at all this as a great opportunity to come back and really explode onto the National scene and end up a lottery or mid first round pick.

Just a gut feeling but I think he comes back, works on his game and he ends up having a very good year which should help him.

I hope you’re right

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All depends on what IJ wants “right now”.

In addition to wanting what you want now, a player has to weigh the risk of staying. There are no guarantees that a player can improve his stock. In some cases, the stock gets worse.

He has to weigh who could be draftable next year. SEC signed 7 out of 9 top shooting guards in the nation this year and several of them could be one and dones. Heck, Isaiah May have to fight off Moody for the draft position next year.

Then he has to consider how much he can improve in a year. He almost needs a Mason Jones type of year to show significant improvement.

I think it is a tough call for Isaiah if he thinks he’s is going to get drafted this year.

Again, all our insiders are saying he will be back and I am hanging my hopes on that.

He is just not ready to be an NBA player. He has the upside, but his offensive game needs to grow. He is not ready physically, either. That has never stopped guys from entering the draft and getting stiffed, however. I hope he comes back, develops his game and his body and becomes a 1st rounder next year.

If he does go, I hope it is to a team who is patient and will let him grow into his potential. By coming out, I think he will take a risk he doesn’t need to take.

From the Philadelphia 76er beat reporter. There were reports before last year’s draft that the Sixers saw Isaiah as a replacement for JJ Reddick. Following is what they think about this year’s draft. Still in love with Isaiah.

Still hoping he comes back. Worry about Hogs without both Mason and Joe.

One of the weird things about this draft, who knows when college teams or NBA teams get to play? Or, are they going to be in class next year? Or on campus? Do you want to sit at home with on-line classes, or be in an NBA Developmental program? It’s just a weird time to know what’s right on any of this.

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