NBA draft entry deadline was Sunday night

And if anyone else dipped their toes in the water, it seems to have gone unnoticed. So it looks like Nick and AB are gone and Devo and Walsh still evaluating the situation. Unless I missed something Sunday (which I spent most of on an airplane going to Ohio).

And Council to the draft as well, right?

Yep, him too

The total silence on Mahki is beginning to bug me! What, why, when, where? Have we left him in limbo waiting on another transfer Big? Or has he left us in limbo? If Sunday was the NBA draft deadline, he didn’t turn his name in.

Well we know Makhi isn’t going pro, and the portal closes May 11. So I guess that’s the next deadline.

I want to continue to mention this, so that these two won’t stay in the draft. Kind of reverse psychology.

Mark and Ellis are like Devo and Walsh.

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Perhaps Mahki isn’t going anywhere. Perhaps there is unnecessary angst occurring.

Remember, if Devo and Walsh both leave, we’ll be down to 12 scholies and still have room for one more.

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