NBA draft big board --

Joe at #54 (and they think he will return to school), Mase at #69. They see Mase as a 2nd round pick or probably undrafted.

I found it ironic that Reggie Perry was #68. I hope MSU gave him a lot of money to come there for 2 years.

I don’t get Reggie Perry at 68. The guy is a hoss.

Has anybody ever explained to these basketball players that there are only just a few spots available in the NBA? The odds of having a career there are not good, considering the whole world is full of basketball players trying to make it there. Get a degree and a good education. If you are good enough, you will get your chance in the NBA. For every guy who makes it, there are probably a 1000 who didn’t. It is great to follow your dreams, but have a backup plan.

Only thing I can see is Reggie is about as athletic as Mason.

If Reggie had kept his committment Coach Anderson is still the Head Coach with Gafford & Perry roaming the interior in 2018-2019 (w/ Isaiah Joe & Mason Jones)

Speaking of needing a backup plan…

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