Nats send Soto and Bell to the Padres

Muss should be very happy with this development.

Yeah they’ll get him for two and a half years and then he’ll be somebody else’s. That’s way the game works today

So he is gonna be signed and not RENTED? A deal is in place? I’ve seen this kinda deal not work out, with my Cardinals. Jus’ askin.

For now Soto is a 2+ year rental. But they have him under control for two more years, which includes two arbitration cycles, and gives them a long time to work out a deal. Going through arbitration will ensure he gets seriously paid anyway. Nats unloaded him now because they learned from the Bryce Harper episode, who turned down money and left DC as a free agent, and the Nats got squat. They got six players in exchange for Soto and Bell.

The Padres are going all in to be a contender for the next couple of postseasons.

The Dodgers and the Padres are both loaded and primed for success. Now, if San Diego would only shuck those hideous uniforms of brown and yellow. They shucked 'em once, but brought 'em back.

Agree on the uni’s. I think that is one thing that keeps them from being a “national favorite” team.

Hard to root for an ugly team.