National Signing Day updates

Knox now in.

Zimos now in.

Mr. Brooks, you are on the clock.

What about the 2 silent commits will they sign today?

Welcome young men glad to have you as Razorbacks.

1 will in a few minutes and the other one won’t until February IMO.

For those of us who haven’t had time to devour every word Richard and Dudley wrote in the last month, who are you talking about?

Brooks and Catalon

Swine for you to fall behind on the board you must be pretty busy. Merry Christmas young man! It’s nice to see you posting.

Considering that he just moved to Fayetteville, NC and is starting a new job, I suspect that he has plenty on his plate.

You got that right, Marty. Sitting in my new place with an unopened moving box next to me. And I’ll be spending Christmas day sleeping and Christmas night at my new job.

I disnt realize you moved. I sure hope you like your new job. Getting settled inro a new home takes a little time and a lot of work.