National Signing Day updates

Signee bios:

Story: … -hogs-201/

Signing ceremony times:

WR TQ Jackson- 9 am
DB Malik Chavis- 9:30 am
DL Enoch Jackson- 10:30
DL Taurean Carter- 10:30
QB KJ Jefferson- 11:30-noon
DE Zach Williams- noon
DE Collin Clay- 12:20
OL Beaux Limmer- 1 pm
LB Zach Zimos- 2 pm
WR Shamar Nash- 3:30 pm
DE Mataio Soli- 3:30 pm
OL Brady Latham- 4 pm
OL Dylan Ratchke- signing Wed. and having a ceremony in Feb.
WR Trey Knox- 8 pm
OL Myron Cunningham- No set time
OL Chibueze Nwanna- will be signing at 7 am at home
DE Eric Gregory- no set time
DL Marcus Miller- early morning
QB KJ Jefferson- no set time

Signed sealed and delivered:

DE Mataio Soli

OL Beaux Limmer

OL Myron Cunningham

DL Taurean Carter

DE Collin Clay

WR TQ Jackson

OL Ricky Stromberg

DE Zach Williams

QB KJ Jefferson

DE Eric Gregory

DB Malik Chavis

OL Dylan Rathcke

DL Marcus Miller

OL Chibueze Nwanna

OL Brady Latham

WR Shamar Nash

DL Enoch Jackson Jr.

WR Trey Knox

LB Zach Zimos

Love the race to be first - always one by somebody out of state because of the EST.

Nwanna should be done by now if signing @ 0700 EST

There are 3 signing at 7, but they have to send it in to be official.

Don’t have to fax now. Can send picture if you want these days.

Iowa Central OL Myron Cunningham has officially signed

For those of you who have continually worried about KJ Jefferson - quit worrying.

He’s signed with Arkansas.

Has Nwanna signed?


Knox signed?

Knox and Zimos are the ones not in as of yet.