National Seeds

Does the committee dare take 4 seeds from the SEC, and, if they don’t, who is out?

I think the SEC will get four top eight seeds because of the strength of the conference. The ACC really is the only that can compare. The committee’s job is to reward the eight best teams, not to limit how many national seeds are rewarded to a conference. Look at what happened with SEC softball; it had the best conference and nine teams got 16 of the regional sites.

My guess of the top eight national seeds right now, in no particular order:

Oregon State
Ole Miss
North Carolina

Some of that might change if one of those teams that are in the 9-12 range, like Florida State, have a strong conference tournament. I think Arkansas is a top eight. I just don’t see that there is another team that is going to leap frog the Razorbacks.

A lot of people are talking about Stetson, but I do not see that team getting into the top eight because of the schedule it played.

In my opinion the hogs need to win 2 games in Hoover to back it up! What could have been if the hogs could have held on to some of those road games!

I think Stetson will be a 9, which will be a tough out for whoever gets them in a super. D1 Baseball has them paired with the Clemson regional.

Where does D1 baseball have us?

As of now a 4!

That would be just fine! I’d take any top 8

I still think the hogs need to win a couple of games in Hoover.

I don’t think we need to win any in Hoover to get a top 8 seed. However, I also think we’ll win at least 1, maybe 2, in Hoover. Our first game is the SC/MU winner. That’s likely SC. We struggled with them at Baum, but I’d be surprised if we lose to them on Wed after they play on Tuesday.

The chickens are swinging the bats well.
If we get a good start from Knight I like our chances against any team in the country!
I’d just feel better with 2 wins at least.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with more insurance. It’s like leading by 4-5 runs going into the final inning. You’re almost certain to win, but not absolutely so. Yeah, I’d take 2 wins any day over going 0-2 only to be shocked that we didn’t quite make it.

I feel pretty safe that we’re a top 8 seed regardless of Hoover, but I wouldn’t advise throwing games to prove the point.

We’re you suprised with the pitchers used in game 2 and 3 that followed in relief after the starter come out? I’m referring to Scroggins and Lee!

I was surprised, but that doesn’t mean much. Those are the kinds of questions I trust the coaches to make & make well. Obvously some decisions don’t work out, but I always believe that if I had all the information the coaches have & had the baseball IQ as they do, I’d have made the same decision.

Something to remember is that neither of those pitchers got any work the week before and they are going to be needed when the SEC Tournament and NCAA Tournament roll around. They needed to see live batters from another team. So did Kole Ramage on Sunday.

True. That makes sense.

You are right. I guess I’m just a see loser! I hate to see the hogs get beat especially by one run so the pundits can keep harping on we can’t win on the road.