National Rankings UA Record?


When was the last time the UA Athletic Department had so many highly ranked teams at the same moment in time?

No 1. Baseball, M and W Indoor Track Teams
No 5. Gymnastics
No 7. Soccer
No 12. M Basketball
No 13. W Basketball
No 20. Softball
? M and W Golf, other?


Hey, what a day last Saturday was for the Hogs…Baseball team beats SEMO, Basketball team beats LSU, the men and women track teams win the SEC indoor track championships, the women’s softball team comes back and beats SEMO in late innings…all in Fayetteville…WPS

I think men’s Golf are 22!

Both golf teams will drop now that the west coast teams have results. All west coast teams were out of rankings with no fall results. They are playing now and there are a bunch of great teams there.

Soccer will probably drop, too, after losing at St. Louis.

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