National championship- star ratings

Just a little digging I did into the star ratings of the starters for each team we watched last night.

5 stars - 1
4 stars - 5
3 stars - 5

5 stars - 4
4 stars - 7
3 stars - 0

5 stars - 3
4 stars - 5
3 stars - 3

5 stars - 2
4 stars - 5
3 stars - 4

5 stars - 10 (23%)
4 stars - 22 (50%)
3 stars - 12 (27%)

Conclusion, as usual, have to win in recruiting before you win big on the field. That’s 73% of players in this game that are Blue chip recruits. Thats big time.

Then you get into the question of how much is this a self-fulfilling prophecy. We know that Joe Burrow was a 3-star until he got an Ohio State offer, at which point they bumped him up to a 4. How many other guys had something similar – they’re a 4 or a 5 because they were being recruited by Clemson or LSU?

Then again, Aaron Rodgers, one of the best QBs in NFL history, had to go to JUCO because NOBODY was recruiting him out of high school. He went to a camp at Illinois, got MVP at the camp, but the Illini offered another QB who was there instead. He wanted to play for Bobby Bowden at Florida State; they weren’t interested, so he went to JC. (He was also 5-10, 165 coming out of high school; that had something to do with it). Coming out of JC he was a 3-star, then tore up the Pac-10, slid to Green Bay in the draft, and the rest is history.

I mean I guess you could always dive into it that way, and obviously always find certain scenarios similar to that.

At the end of the day, it can’t be entirely true that guys only get bumped to whatever star rating because Ohio state offered. If it were, there would be more teams that do not recruit top 15 level that are competing on big time stages, making the play offs, or winning the national championship.

A team that hasn’t had atleast one top 15 class hasn’t won a national championship in dang near my lifetime. Majority have multiple top 15 classes.

Need the big time players. That’s no secret. It’s gotten a lot easier to find them too, in part because of internet, social media, and the ranking services who’s job it is to find them.

You don’t need all blue chips, you just need a good solid bit of them. And the 3 stars that do play, better be damn good. Like Justin Jefferson, Isaiah Simmons, Clyde Edwards-helaire, etc.

As far as Joe Burrow — I’m not sure where you’re getting that info. Atleast one service had him as a 4 star well before he received his Ohio state offer. Around a year before.

The star ratings are blown out of portion based on who offers a player!
LSU has the superior QB and they had WR’s that made plays!
Clemson and their star QB suffered a loss because he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Put Clemson in the SEC and they wouldn’t have made the playoff.

I’m just posting the numbers. It’s more a , take what you want from it.

Until proven factually, not just opinions, the star rating is not blown out of proportion, it’s pretty concrete. That’s why even here, the fans that love to bash the star ratings, still get the most excited by a guy like Burks, or The 5 star OL visiting. Because they are usually, much better players, and it’s not hard to see.

Not sure why there would be a single 3 star on either team, if all it takes to get a 4th star is an offer from _____ school.

In Lawrence’s defense, who is a fantastic qb, he’s 4 years younger than Burrow, and that makes a big difference. Lawrence is a stud and likely will be a heisman finalist next year.

He was a low star recruit, I believe Urban Meyer even said that they were not interested in him until the OC essentially begged to give him an offer.

I just looked this up, these things are fairly documented, he received his 4th star well before Ohio state offer by atleast 1 service. All of them? I don’t know, I’m not doing that much digging.

He also committed to Ohio state in May of 2014, which is fairly early for a 2015 grad. He hadn’t even played his senior season, so, I’d say they were fairly high on him, to begin with. It wasn’t late by any means. But these things all make for good stories, regardless of how it took place.

Not a very strong offer list for a 4 star

I see several good offers. But yeah, I’m sure there are many that he missed out on, or many he didn’t report, due to the fact that he was an Ohio boy who got offered and committed to his dream school, decently early. He wasn’t going to anyone over Ohio state, so that will keep schools from pursuing.

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