National bias against Arkansas

I’m not sure where I fall on the spectrum of this topic. I know some think it very real and some think its just our own insecurities popping up. I’ve wavered back and forth through various times.

That being said… the more times I see something like this… the more times I begin to wonder if there is something to it. I mean a person is not really paranoid if someone really is following them!!!

This came from the Denver Broncos via Twitter. Maybe they were trying to glam up their pick a bit more by showing him in Alabama attire and telling he spent 2 years playing there. I guess the 2 years he played there is true, but heck, he was drafted as a Hog, he should at lest be shown in a Hog uniform.

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Would he have been drafted if he had stayed at Alabama, not the way things were going in my opinion. I agree he should have been in a Razorback uniform, but crap like this no longer surprises me. WPS

Actually the uniform is not readily identifible as Alabama. Most non sec fans would not know what uniform it is.

And surely lately Alabama is a bigger name in college football than Arkansas.

And two of the three statements are Arkansas.

Following a bit more on the twitter thread that I found the picture on… It appears that Denver is using a media intern for things like this and guess what… (he/she/it/they/whatever) is an Alabama grad.

Sarcasm Alert – So I am sure it was all done by accident showing him in Bama garb and not Razorback threads.


My dad had a saying….It’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you


I noticed it first thing. Didn’t set well with me!
But what do I know.

Yeah, it should have been an Arkansas uniform, but it’s mainly our Arkansas insecurities making a bigger deal out of this than it probably should be. Can’t remember the country singer who had a song about Little Rock, but my son had me listen to him talking onstage between songs, and he said he was driving from
Texarkana, Texas to Texarkana, Arkansas, and when he got to Arkansas he stopped at a gas station and people there thought they didn’t even deserve premium gas.

That was Collin Raye the country artist. He was born in DeQueen Arkansas. My best friend was in the radio business and was friends with Collin and at one point helped him pick out songs for his singles. He is a good guy

And whose to say that reporter of DS news may’ve just fired up a legal doobie before he ventured out into internet space that particular morning allowing himself to be declared “not responsible” for his actions.

Guns always blazing for that Bama bunch…

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Yes, Collin Raye wrote a song about Little Rock, but it wasn’t him. This guy isn’t from Arkansas. I’ll try to remember who it was.

It was Hayes Carll. He wrote and recorded a song entitled “Little Rock” too. On his second studio album, also entitled “Little Rock”.

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Reba had a hit early on called “Little Rock”.

Black Oak Arkansas never sang about Little Rock that I’m aware of, hmmm. I did see them in Little Rock for my very 1st concert very early 70’s.

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