National basketball analyst high on Hogs' targets … s-targets/

Expecting some news on CJ Walker tomorrow.

As in commitment news ??


On if/when he is gonna visit?

My apologies. I misread the text.

CJ will narrow his list on Friday. I was told to hold off on the info until today.

Now will be Sunday.

Expect Arkansas to make the list?

I do, but can’t say for sure.

I think he is a Gator lean.

We need some elite talent to back fill Gafford. CMA needs to step up because CCM shows that it is a bunch of crap that you can’t recruit to Fayetteville.

CMA’s last 2 classes
2018 Basketball - Ranked 8 out of 14 in SEC
2019 Basketball - Ranked 8 out of 14 in SEC (Currently 1 committed)

CCM’s first 2 classes
2018 Football - Ranked 14 out of 14 in SEC
2019 Football - Ranked 10 out of 14 in SEC (Currently 18 committed). Also keep in mind Florida is 11th with only 12 commits, and we are barely ahead of them, another commit or 2 and they’ll move ahead of us. This class will probably finish 11th.

In comparison CBB’s last 2 recruiting classes were ranked 10th and 9th in the SEC.

CMA has done a pretty good job of recruiting here at Arkansas. Good enough to start getting us to the dance consistently again, so I’d take a harder look at his recruiting ability and the results that have followed.

Plus, basketball recruiting vs. football recruiting is apples and oranges. By your logic, the Duke football team should have a top 10 class every year because coach K can bring in a top 10 class every year to the basketball team.

I didn’t even think about that great point.

Is it not enough to say that CMA needs to recruits an elite replacement for Gafford? I agree with that part. But why say CMA needs to step up as if he has been not doing his job? That part is a reflection on you and not CMA and loses the point I think you are trying to make.

Please read it carefully, “it is a bunch of crap that you can’t recruit to Fayetteville.” Are both teams at the UofA campus in Fayetteville? This is not FB vs BB. This is about excuses…

I should have known you guys can’t keep from making it personal taking the interpretation harsh to meet your agenda. You guys love CMA so much that you constantly make excuses for him and his recruiting. This recent class is pretty good for sure but are you saying he can’t do better?

But you also stated that “CMA needs to step it up.” Suggesting he hasn’t been recruiting well in Fayetteville period. Nice that you omitted that part of your statement. And nobody is making excuses, so my point stands.

I think you’re overreacting to our statements to you statements. Can he do better? Of course he can. He can sign the #1 recruiting classes, but that doesn’t equate that he’s not trying hard just because he hasn’t had one yet. And again, who’s making excuses?

Getting to the Dance isn’t enough and the defining statement about many of you. We have a FB coach that was making progress over his FOUR YEARS, went to multiple bowls, sucked for 2 years and then was fired. CMA would not survive if the tables were switched. How long has CMA been here, how many sweet 16’s has he made as our HC, how many elite 8’s as our HC, how many final 4s, etc Barford and Macon’s class is one of the few decent classes after all the years he has been here. All we hear from the CMA apologists is that it is hard to recruit to Fayetteville, but CCM has proven that can be negated by hustle and connections.

Per wikipedia, CMA served as an assistant/associate head coach under Nolan Richardson at Arkansas for 17 years, so he was taught by a Hall of Famer how to win and recruit. CMA’s first 3 years were 2011 18–14, 2012 at 19–13 and 2013 22-12 and an appearance in the NIT.

Anderson led Arkansas to the NCAA Tournament in 2014 with a No. 5 seed, their highest seed in the tournament since 1999. The Razorbacks advanced to the Third Round of the Tournament before losing to North Carolina. The Razorbacks finished the 2015 season 16–16, 9–9 in SEC play to finish in a tie for eighth place. They lost in the second round of the SEC Tournament to Florida.

Anderson’s 2016 Razorback unit got off to the best start since he took over as coach. He signed three of the top six junior college players (Jaylen Barford, Daryl Macon, and Arlando Cook) in the off-season to load the Razorback roster up for a tournament run. With preseason SEC Player of the Year Moses Kingsley and sharpshooter Dusty Hannahs returning to lead the squad, the Razorbacks finished the regular season 23–8. Their 10–1 start bested his 9–2 starts in 2013–14 and 2014–15. The team won six SEC road games for only the third time in school history, joining the 1994 national champions and the 2015 team. They tied South Carolina for third in the league with a conference record of 12–6, and advanced to the finals of the SEC Tournament, losing to Kentucky 82–65. The No. 8-seeded Razorbacks advanced to the NCAA Tournament and defeated Seton Hall in their first game before falling to top-seeded and eventual national champion North Carolina in the second round, 72–65.

2017–18 season
On January 26, 2018, it was announced that Anderson had signed another two-year contract extension, keeping him with the Razorbacks until 2022 if he so chooses. The Razorbacks finished in a tie for fourth in the SEC, which sent a record eight teams to the NCAA Tournament. Butler ended their season in the first round, 79–62.[15]

Now go look at the records of Nolan and Eddie to see what our fanbase is accustomed to in performance. Do not forget that CMA served as an assistant/associate head coach under Nolan Richardson at Arkansas for 17 years, so he was taught by a Hall of Famer how to win and recruit. Hall of Famer training, great facilities, great history yet nothing like the 70s through the 90s performance. Nolan and Eddie created a great history of almost 30 years. Is this as good as it gets with CMA?

So my point stands. Done.