National Anthem

Is it true that six of our ladies kneeled down at the National Anthem? … nal-anthem


Not that they care, but they just lost me as a fan.

I haven’t watched any NFL this year for this reason. They have the right to protest, no question. I have the right to not follow them in response.

Our photographer caught it:

I’m out. :evil:

This begs the question, were you ever in? How much women’s basketball do you watch?

Any time I could. And certainly a fan.

Curious Jimmy’s take?

Was this a surprise or did he know it was going to happen?

Well I suppose you now have more free time.

we need a statement from our strong AD Long, or is there a women’s AD? If so, the UoA needs to speak out on this.

I’m assuming you’re all in with this? You seem very offended that I’m not.

Certainly their right and I respect it. But always have believed there has to be a better way to protest without disrespecting those who have given their lives for that right. This likely won’t help a building program, but then again, who knows these days.

Not at all. I just can’t say it is going to change my viewing habits for women’s basketball.

Changed mine of NFL and while I haven’t been to a woman’s game in years, I did follow them and watched them on TV when they were on. Not this year.

It would have been so easy to avoid this crap. Just don’t bring the girls out of the locker room until after the National Anthem is finished.

Long and Jimmy supposedly supported their right to do so. I wonder if they’ll be as supportive when their fan support drops to about half of what it was last year.

What really pisses me off about this is they did that crap within a few feet of the military color guard holding the flag for the anthem.

If they want to protest, go to the Fayetteville Police station and do a formal protest in front of it. The military has no part in this, and their form of protest is totally disrespectful of the military and the flag they serve under.

It was also completely ineffective. This has become a tired cliche. All they succeeded in doing was alienating a lot of fans and potential fans. Get used to playing in front of about 50 people at home girls. If Long supported this, he just committed financial suicide.

The Chancellor needs to be involved. This is above Long’s pay grade. Go to the internet and read what Chancellor at the University of Texas wrote to the Presidents, ADs and Athletes in the Texas system.

Can you all please stop it. These young ladies are not disrespecting the military. You have no idea what they think about the military. They are not disrespecting our country, either. Or our good police officers.

None of you know anything about what these ladies or their loved ones have been through and why, specifically, they are choosing to kneel.

I presume they are trying to raise awareness of a problem. And that problem is lack of empathy for black citizens that are badly mistreated and even killed by authorities. Many of the responses on this board starkly reveal this lack of empathy. Wrap yourselves in the flag, turn a blind eye, and everything’s hunky dory.

Well, the problem still exists. Maybe if they kneel during every game it’ll start raising more awareness. Kneel away, ladies. Maybe you’ll make a difference somewhere, some day.

And another thing – it’s reactions like most on here that foster the stereotype that Arkansas is not a great place for African American kids to attend college. Little wonder our football recruiting comparatively sucks. The bigger the fallout from this, the greater the other SEC schools will pounce with negativity.

Oh well, we probably deserve what we get.

Sooo. Their opinion is valid. Your opinion is valid, but those who have a different opinion? Not valid and need to shut up. Got it.

They are free to protest. Guess what? Fans are free to not like it and react. You realize Free Speech works both ways, right?