Nate's article on Darrell Walker....

in HI magizine was excellent. Darrell is one of my top 5 Hogs (from any sport). I admired his hustle and hard nosed defense and he always seemed to love playing the game. Now coaching at a small College in Atlanta focusing on shaping the lives of young men he’s come full circle. It’s heartwarming to hear how he emulates the coaches that invested in him (Sutton and Kaundart to name two).

When Darrell was coaching in the CBA I ran into him at a hotel in Illinois. He was with Isaiah Thomas (who I believe was the Commissioner of the CBA then). I had a nice visit with both. Darrell and I had some mutual aquantices from Arkansas and we shared a couple of laughs about the “old days”.

Great read about a great Hog. Thanks Nate!