Nate's article, Bret, other stuff and Thanksgiving

For those that haven’t read Nate’s column today, he probably summed up things pretty well. I was initially baffled at Long’s firing. But as I hear more and find out more, it seems that he really ticked off some long-time Frank Broyles people…probably at the behest of White…and if he did that it was inevitable. I am at peace with it now.

Bielema I still struggle with. I am not Bret’s friend nor cousin. Unlike Houston and the Nutt family, I have no fond remembrances of how any of Bret’s family treated me as a kid. I have admired his humor, dignity, ethics, and HOW MUCH he loves those kids. I also like his brand of football.

But my main reason for calling for him to get another year–which I know he is not gonna get–is I don’t think the stereotypical 5-year span to build a program is enough if you’re taking over a program in turmoil. I think its about right for a program with no major problems. Not for a dumpster fire.

I believe this based on my own experience in my career. I too have a job that requires me to get college kids to perform at a high level. I am counted upon to lead them to national prominence. Thus I have to recruit. Like crazy.

I also took over a dumpster fire. I know what that’s like. I know that it took me a solid 3 years to simply alter the negative opinion about my institution that was created by my predecessors. So, it was really year 4 before I had a solid freshman class. Thus, it was year 7 before I have seniors that I had recruited under a positive circumstance with critical high schools.

I think Bret faced the same thing…but much, much worse. He is at year 5, but I think he’s really at year 2 or 3 of recruiting without the major stigma left by the JLS and BP fiascos. So…I think we are letting him go a year too soon. I think we will see a significant improvement the next two years. No matter who is coaching. Look at the roster. Look at the talent in the freshman, redshirt freshman and sophomore classes. Alot of SEC caliber talent in those classes.

But, I accept its done. Probably Saturday morning. I just hope Arkansas fans and the press will let Bret and Jen, their cute dogs and adorable little girl go with dignity. Please…for God’s sake…don’t let some media person ask Bret “how does it feel knowing today was probably your last game as the Arkansas coach?” We all KNOW how he feels. Crappy I am sure. Why even ask? In the hopes he will cry? or explode?

As for the next coach and the AD, there was a major rumor thread on Hogville yesterday. I usually stay away from that board…but couldn’t resist yesterday. If the rumors there are true, and they may not be, Scanlon was the leader for AD…but now TT is a major possibility. I would be very fine with TT. Orville wanted him as coach. Wouldn’t it be something if he actually arrived as AD. As for coach, that thread said it was Gus’ to turn down. Next up is Norvell. I am fine with either of those. I have never much liked Gus–but admit it was because of the Nutt situation and the opinions of some friends that know him…but not especially well. Shallow reasons in other words. I do love Gus’ style of football. Delaware Wing-T meets spread option. I hope Gus wasn’t involved in the recruiting violations at Auburn. I do want a clean coach and a clean program. I wish they would consider Charlie Strong too. Leach? I am with Swine on him. Hell no.

Finally–I want to say thanks to Clay, Dudley, et al and this board for hours of enjoyment and support. Two and a half years ago, when my mom passed and 8 weeks later my wife was diagnosed with cancer I received so much support here. Mary is now cured of her cancer. The doctors use that word. “Cured.” Its not coming back. My 22 year old daughter and I are with my wife today…and I am watching them prepare food with love and joy. THAT is something for which to be thankful.

Namaste and Sláinte to all of you.
God Bless. And
Happy Thanksgiving

I agree with every word. Don’t dance on the man’s grave. Show grace and class…he has.
And…wonderful news about your wife. A truly blessed Thanksgiving.

I had already commented prior but agree 100%

I too would like Coach B to get another year. If not him Mike Leach? Arkansas needs a gimmick? Recruiting is tough. Football is now pass happy. Leach was one of the first to do it. He can recruit Texas and has built programs that were down.

As for AD Scanlon would be fine.

Good post. I agree with showing some class as CBB leaves (if that happens as expected).

I don’t think TT will get serious consideration from this committee for the AD position. He may have an advocate on the BOT but I don’t think they will go that route. TT doesn’t have the experience to run a $100+ million dollar company (essentially).

I also think the Gus isn’t as certain as many want to claim it is. I don’t think a coach will be hired until an AD is hired. If I was a serious AD candidate and being “courted” if you will for the job, I wouldn’t accept it unless I could choose my people, including the head football coach, when there was an opening. And I really don’t think the BOT is looking for a Yes Man. My opinions mean nothing however so we will just wait and see.