Nate Thompson....

Buying or selling?

I’m selling.
I just don’t care for all the home run swings and strikeouts.
He had a ton of talent to work with this season.
I guess time will tell, but I thought our lack of discipline and poor two strike approach and situational hitting was evident.

How many times did we leave guys on 3rd base with zero or one out??

Hammer away, I don’t care.
Three games of poor plate approach cost us a natty.
Well, that and a foul pop up.

Couldn’t agree more

Dude led us to the NC series at the CWS and you wanna show him the road? Geez! Tap the brakes. Let’s see what he does with the next two classes coming in before we pass judgment

For goodness sakes…

Best offensive team we have had in years

A missed pop up from the championship and you want it get rid of a coach???

All I heard all season was how he is teaching them to put backspin on the ball, lift it etc…
Just look at all the uppercut swings.
Watch Fletcher. Yeah he’ll tag one occasionally but often rolls over the top for easy ground outs.
Watch Martin bat. You know why they throw him curve after curve? Because all he wants to do is pull it and lift it. OSU figured it out.

Two strike approach looks a lot like no strike approach.
Man on 3rd, no outs…homerun swing with two strikes. Ridiculous.
Check out our stats with men on 3rd and less than two outs.
I don’t even have to see then to know they suck.

There is a time to go for the bomb and a time to think base hit.
Not knowing the difference cost us.
We struck out in nearly half out at bats this series.

Compare is to O state. The contact hitting team usually wins.

The team that is dependent on the long ball will lose in big games like this.

When you sit down 20 straight, something’s wrong. We need to re-evaluate.

I’m selling.

Need a better approach, we were too dependent on the long ball all season. Even DVH mentioned at one point that we can’t be so dependent on it.

Exactly. Good lord, people, let’s keep some perspective.

OSU usually won this year. We usually won this year. OSU won 2 of the 3 we played. You’re sure drawing large conclusions from one game. I simply can’t believe we’re having this discussion.

Something needs to be said, when one of the best offensive teams in college baseball can’t show up for a 3 game series. Did we even have 10 hits?

That’s the problem. So I think like anyone with a job, If your respective department… etc, craps the bed on the biggest stage you need to know what you can do to be better.

I think our dependence on the long ball bit us in the butt.

I think we hit below .150 this series.

If it had been one game we wouldn’t be having it.
It was three pathetic games in a row.
The three most important games we played all year.
I hear you. You’re entitled. Just like I am.

I’m not necessarily saying fire the dude.
But our approach needs to be tweaked.
He won’t have this kind of team power next year.
I guess we will see if there are adjustments.
I can pretty much guarantee you DVH ain’t happy regardless of what he says publicly.

Yes, it was a great offensive season. But we were absolutely loaded. I believe it would’ve been tough to screw that lineup up.

We looked foolish.
But yeah, I’m venting.
Last time I checked that’s allowed here.

You’re hilarious. We just hit over .300 for the year as a team(led the SEC btw), hit 97 home runs and made it to the Championship Series. Yep…fire our hitting coach. HAHAHAHAHA!

Nate Thompson is also our recruiting coordinator and a dang good recruiter.

Well aware of our stats.

Who said you can’t vent? You might remember the only reason these “3 most important game this year” only came about because of all those other games this year. There are some 300 or so D1 college baseball teams. Only 2 made it this far. I’d bet DVH is very happy with this hitting coach.

Who said you can’t vent? You might remember the only reason these “3 most important game this year” only came about because of all those other games this year. There are some 300 or so D1 college baseball teams. Only 2 made it this far. I’d bet DVH is very happy with this hitting coach.


I’m sure you’re right.
I’m frustrated and had a few adult beverages but I just cannot believe our ineptitude at the plate.
I guess the OSU pitchers are just better than anything we have seen this year.
Hard to believe that we could not touch any of them.
I love DVH and I know we’ll be back.
But it’s hard to imagine assembling a more talented team than this one.

Peace out!

Nate Thompson has respect all over college baseball and with MLB for his ability to teach. We just finished perhaps our greatest offensive season ever with him as hitting coach. OSU beat us in the final series. That doesn’t change the job he did.

The staff loves the 2019 class and Thompson held that together after Vitello left and added to it.

The 2020 class has two of the highest rated PG kids AR has produced. For those of you who think they were locks to AR, think again. Thompson worked his butt off to get them.

The 2021 class has the highest rated PG kid we have maybe ever committed. Thompson was very aggressive with him.

The high school kids love what the team did offensively and that is paying dividends already on the recruiting trail.

The man is all class and represents this State and University well.

On the flip side, Oregon State has one of the best pitching and defensive teams in the country. Sometimes their strengths are stronger than your strengths.

Just for the record, we had 14 hits total in the OSU series – 5, 7 and 2 in the three games.

Expectations were high for this team. I don’t think he changed much for the older hitters. He allowed them to do the same things they had been doing. So guys like Grant Koch did not change anything. I don’t think Fletcher changed much, either. Jax Biggers did adopt some things with lower legs, but mainly tried to hit it to far early in the year. He was back to his approach from last year after the injury.

I am told by those in college baseball that Nate Thompson is an elite coach and an elite recruiter. I think Dave Van Horn is pleased with what he’s got as a hitting coach and a recruiter.

Good to know. Thanks for the level headed, informative response.
I would never pretend to know a fraction of the baseball DVH knows.
If he’s happy, I’m happy.

I probably should have implemented my one day delay on posting policy.

I was simply posing the question for discussion.
It was a rough three games.
I guess we just ran into a number of pitchers we couldn’t touch.

Certainly the team and coaches will be better off for the experience.

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