Nate’s column

Nate Allen’s column in Demo-Gaz very interesting on coaching search to say the least. … aching-si/

I agree. Very interesting and unnerving. Let’s hope that a satisfactory conclusion results and not a dumpster fire.


Per usual, Nate complains about lack of access or transparency. Mad Mike was fired likely because he was in Mike’s circle and had access to Mike and his staff. More of Nate outwardly pining for how things were 35 years ago.

Bashes Yurachek because Yurachek won’t better articulate why Mike was fired. I think we can figure that out Nate. What do you want him to say?

Then proceeds to tell us how HY has screwed up the coaching search. Of course, Nate has never conducted a coaching search. He really doesn’t know anything at all about the present coaching search. He uses a lot of “it seems” or “apparently.” So it’s pure speculation. All it is.

It’s also a pure hit piece that is really pretty unnecessary at this point.

Sometimes reading Nate is like reading Wally. I don’t much out of either.

This column read like a hit piece written by John Jameson…

His column was on point to say the least… Hunter Y IMO is the worst hire in Arkansas sports history regardless of who he hires next he may have to sale the whole state for it

Worst hire in Arkansas sports history? Really? I can think of several others worse that actually have proven track records of being awful — see John L. Smith. He is the default answer to the question of the worst hire in Razorback history. No exceptions. Worse than Long, worse than Bielema. Worse than Jimmy Dykes.

Did HY hit on your wife or something? Good gracious let it play out and stop with the irrational panicking. Mike needed to be fired. Gotta start winning. That is the only test. Winning. I don’t care if they hire the coach of Alpena High School if they start winning.

I agree, if all this is true a big mess like our other searches over the years. I just HOPE he is wrong on his accessment, if he’s not ,this very embarrassing, again !!

We’ve been down this road before. We know incompetence when we see it.

It’s deja vu all over again.

He clearly got played by Sampson’s lawyer-agent. Let me guess, they promised Sampson was taking the job if terms x,y and z were offered and did not matter if UH matched it, he was coming. I’m sure it was a pinky promise. And then shock of all
shocks !!! He went back on a promise! That is not nice at all. I bet he told on those naughty Houston people.

Now for Plan B — Easy, get Beard to leave Tech just as soon as the tourney is done. Beard’s agent made him a double pinky promise. So this time it will turn out differently. He’s going to show Nate Allen and people like me.

Beard is not coming to Arkansas. Our fellow fans who are clinging to that delusion are going to be so disappointed … again.

Good news is the youthful AD can still salvage this mess, there are decent options out there. I think it’s Alford. I know a big number of our fans will disagree, but guess what…same with any of these other candidates…none of the Back-up plan options are going to unite the fan base and please everyone. The AD is going to have to mature quickly and hire the best one left and take the heat from the other half who do not approve. Not fun at all.

And he better hope that guys is a hell of a coach. If not, I don’t think HY or that coach will make it five years

Everyone’s an expert.
Even if they have none of the facts.
Facts are irrelevant.
Only wild speculation has true value!

Agreed. This search has Alford written all over it unless they can still swing Musselman and his wife into wanting to come here. I honestly wouldn’t mind it being Alford, but there are going to be plenty of fans who are going to have severe heartache with it, and I understand that to a degree, because when you look at his career numbers, they aren’t really different than Mike Anderson’s were. SA is a hard-nosed disciplinarian, and it rubs a lot of athletes wrong.

No one including you really knows anything. And if you are throwing blame around, why blame HY alone?

If guys like Tommy Boyer are having a real say in someone we hire, that is really pretty terrible. Let the A.D., and him alone, do his job.

Amateurs like Tommy Boyer have no idea what they are doing. He hasn’t played basketball since the 60s. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him to have any input in hiring a basketball coach.

If a guy like Boyer is making us wait for a pie in the sky interview with Beard, and we lose other candidates HY would otherwise hire because of waiting, that is the real problem. But I am certainly willing to let it play out. We’ve come this far, and have to have some patience.

You don’t know if Boyer is doing this, and he may not be. I get your point, but Boyer may not have as much pull as some think

No, I don’t know for sure if he is involved in any great extent. My only point is that if he is, it’s likely a problem. I’m sure he would have good intentions, but his or other boosters’ input simply cannot be allowed to drastically influence the hire. Of course, if he is one of the men stepping up to pay the big Beard compensation, then I guess his involvement is unavoidable. I just view the Beard thing as a very, very low probability. I’m worried that a guy like Boyer is having our athletic director spend undue time on that remote, remote possibility to the detriment of hiring somebody legit before LSU or another school gets its hooks in him.

biased and very, very premature headline.

Beard has let it be known that he would be interested, but can’t talk until after the tournament. In the mean time, he is lining up other potential applicants. It’s that simple. Sometime next week we will have our new coach. Some will like him, some wont. But we are at least trying something new, because Mike in charge wasn’t working.

All the people working on this hire have the University’s interest in mind. They all want to get us the best coach we can possibly get. They also will see that we can pay what it takes. They deserve our patience and support.

Nate is on the outside looking in. Hence, the article.

With all the budget cuts in newspapers these days, and this guy still gets to write? Nate is about as relevant as Otus the cat…

Maybe not.

Doesn’t matter if anyone likes the new guy or not. Over the next 5 years, the new guy has to do much better than what Mike in charge did over the last 5 years. Otherwise we have rocked the boat for nothing. You agree with that, right?