Nate’s column

Nate’s column in the demo-gazette in the paper this Saturday is spot on. I wished Hunter Y. would read the article and do something about it . As a long time season ticket holder I wished we would get rid of the advertisements and canned music and go back with the cheerleaders and hogwild band. I know times have changed but still I wish for the good old days. … -noise-20/

Nate wrote a prior column regarding canned noise at football games. Surely there must many fans out there who are sick of this crap that is ruining the football and basketball experience. It is time to sound off to the powers that be to return to the atmosphere of a true game day experience.

I get what you are saying, but I could live with it if the product on the court were more enjoyable.

Game experience for me is all determined by winning or losing.

I consider Nate a great friend and he is right about the corporate takeover of the event.

But I should also point out that my man doesn’t like any changes in life that have happened since about 1970. :smiley:

I am obviously biased…but LIVE music has long been a main part of the pageantry of college sports. And I agree that a great pep band is worth points…as are cheers and “calls” (aka our Hog call) that mean something to a large group of people.

Canned music that is generic from place to place…I’m sorry. I don’t see it being an advantage…and I certainly don’t think it adds to the atmosphere. Making everything the same in terms of in game music from sea to shining sea diminishes college sports.

The thing to do is figure what old white guys like and do 180 degrees opposite.

Old white guys pay for a lot of the freight around this state, so I wouldn’t be so quick to speak poorly of them. When did it get to be bad to be white? That may be the stupidest post I have ever read on this board.

Lighten up Francis. This is the kind of grumpy attitude my post is directed at. You’d better do what is necessary to get the young folks of all races interested in all forms of Razorback athletics. If they like “canned music” then so be it. The same, lame old William Tell Overature from the pep band ain’t gonna cut it.