Nate Oats

Not sure quite what to to think of him. Had a mediocre first year 16-15, then a great 2nd one. But this year they beat Gonzaga and Houston in the non conference slate then went .500 in the league, were the only team 1 -17 Georgia beat and then lost in first round of the tournament. 19 - 13 overall. He’s somewhat of an enigma to me.

He’s an all or nothing coach. Nothing but 3’s and layups. Don’t think you can ever win a Natty that way. It’s a gimmick. It’s pretty when you win, but when you shoot 30% from 3, and can’t make bunnies, it gets pretty ugly real quick. Plus they turn the ball over too much and don’t play any real defense. I was really hoping to play them again this weekend.

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The way Alabama has played the last 3 games is bound to affect their seeding and maybe help ours!

Not gonna help our seeding, since they were already below us. I’m honestly not worried about our seeding anymore. If the worst case scenario is to be in a region with Gonzaga as the 1, I actually like our chances. Once we are done with this SEC gauntlet, we can play with anyone in the country, but we really need a healthy Toney.


I’ve posted this over and over. It wasn’t Oats that made that Bama team as good as it was last year. It was Herb Jones. They won close games last season in spite of Oats system and coaching. Herb made great defensive plays, great passes, and got baskets when they had to have a winning play. He was their crunch time, “refuse to lose” player. Herb was possibly the only single digit scorer that was ever the SEC player of the year. He also deserved it.

Bama’s erratic play this year didn’t surprise me at all.


He beat us.

Every game Bama plays in the commentators say the same thing. He coach’s threes or lay ups only. If this is true then he will never be successful in the long run.

When those threes don’t go in and you can’t get to the bucket…then what?

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