Nate Oats

I like the way Oats coaches the game of basketball. Muss talks a lot about NBA brand that he is building here, but frankly I see more NBA in how Oats coaches and the freedom he allows his wing players in taking the defender off the dribble. The guys are not looking to make a great pass or waiting for a good shot opportunity. It is basketball on instinct, the way it is supposed to be played.

I can see why he is able to attract the type of players he has.

All about recruiting,Oats has 4-5 athletic enough to do just what you described we right now do not.

But again, he is benefitting from a lot of seniors recruited by Avery Johnson to already play an NBA style. Musselman doesn’t have that luxury this season. If you Oats has as good of a season next year with a whole new starting lineup and all these seniors gone, then we can easily validate your point. But I’m willing to bet he has a major drop off next season when these players are all gone.

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This is the bottomline truth and the reason they will win the SEC this year if they can avoid anymore injuries…

Only three on Alabama roster are Avery Johnson recruits. Rest are Oats recruits. The three are Jones, Petty and Reese.

And with Muss, other than Desi and Ethan, rest are all Muss recruits.

So, I am not sure your point is valid.

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Other than 2 senior transfers, the other 3 seniors and starters are Johnson’s recruits(I could be wrong), with his best player being an Johnson recruit. So my original point stands unless more than two of the starting seniors aren’t Johnson’s recruits.

Point being is let’s wait and see how Bama basketball performs next year.
If these seniors leave, they will be down from this year.

Petty coming back is the difference. Would be nice if Jones or Joe came back.

Sure. I wasn’t saying they will be as dominant next year as this year. The point is the type of recruits Nate is attracting because of the type of ball he plays, Look at last year’s freshman class and this year’s freshman class. They are not just shooters, but athletic type scorers too.

They never go through the post on offense, thus opening up the lanes for wing players to attack while also having the freedom to shoot the three. It is a wing player’s dream. As Pat Bradley said on SEC Now, “that is the type of game we all want to play”.

I do want to acknowledge that I agree with GeneralHog that having Avery’s three recruits Petty, Jones and Reese coming back is lot more beneficial to Nate than Mike’s recruits Sills and Ethan is to Muss.

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