Nate Dalton?

Nate Dalton seems like he has the size and athletic ability to be great so what’s up?

I can’t remember seeing anything from him in practice to suggest that he’s at the level of the defensive backs who are getting the bulk of the playing time.

His work in fall camp came mostly with the developmental groups. Still young, but you’d think he’d have definitely gotten a chance if he was anywhere near being ready, given the lack of depth.

It’s interesting because Bielema drove home today how Santos is the only safety with that body/frame type. He’s 6-2, 205. Dalton is listed at 6-3, 190, so he’s definitely lighter but he and Ramirez are the only two safeties with that size. Obviously not in a position to contribute or in the forefront of the coach’s mind at this point.

If they list Reid Miller and Ryder Lucas as the next safeties up, the it shows that Dalton has not lived up to the hype.

He has played on special teams and is listed as a CB, but one would think that he will at least get some cross training this week as BB noted some would

Miller and Lucas have made more plays in practice than Dalton. I don’t see a lot of speed when I watch Dalton.

That’s not a good sign.