Nate Dalton has left the team … azorbacks/

Honestly the reaction and comment from CM of Daltons personal foul made me like CM even more. Real leader that does things right.

To ever have discipline on any team or at work you first have to have standards and enforce those standards. Poor discipline will get you beat and this season that has caused some of the losses.
Also there is no “I” in team! Everybody has to be a team player in Order to have real success.

Were there other issues besides the stupid play in the Tulsa game?

I was clapping when I saw Dalton being escorted off the field. It was what I was saying I would do before it happened. Way to go Coach.

They have been several, not just the penalties - of which there have been three PFs if my memory is right.


Not so uncommon after all.

I had to read that twice and still not sure exactly what you want to say. Double negatives used that way are confusing. I think you wanted to put in a dig at Bret Bielema but it read like a Danny Ford line.


A scientific rocket I ain’t !