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Hope this doesn’t play out that way.

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Razorbacks fans have always ran off good coaches. Mike is another. There is a sizable chunk of the fan base that are not happy with his firing. Replacing him with a high priced up and comer wont do much to appease fans. Thank You for the article Nate

Great article and i agree with Nate. Seems Hunter also said the team wasn’t tough back in January, guess he didn’t realize how young we were.

I’ve felt bad for Mike for the last three years because if the crap he’s taken. I’ve always said there’s a certain faction that would complain about the way he wiped is butt if they were in the stall next to him. Those guys continued to post and gained followers over time. I’ve gotten to a point where i feel relief. Relief for Mike and relief for the fact that i no longer have to smh at folks that hated on him. The ones that always lead with “I love Mike the man”…No you don’t.

As a Hog fan, i’m hoping we don’t return to those days. I’ve argued with folks that said “Arkansas is better than this and we are the real fans” or “You’re putting Mike Anderson over the program” Whatever.

It’s done though, Mike is gone and will never coach here again. I do agree with Nate, as i said but you can’t argue against the eight year theme, even if you throw out the first four or five, it was a less that stellar impact on production. Would he have finished this class strong and gone on a run the next couple of years? Probably, but we’ll never know. What i feared was that over our last three searches, Mike Anderson was the only real big name that wanted the job, no matter what we were told. He crawled here from Mizzou where he had it rolling

I’m hoping we hit it out of the park.

Seems that it will come down to “Show me the money”,
(Which doesn’t guarantee a home run hire), or we get really LUCKY with a up and comer. That doesn’t sound very promising. We could very well go backwards for awhile. Maybe a long while. I sure hope not!
Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!

We’ve been going backwards since Nolan left, so far backwards that it seems over half the fan base thinks it was a mistake to fire MA who was at best an average coach who was a good person and ran a clean program, it was time for him to go.

I don’t think you read the article.

Great article. Insightful.

I’m so sick and tired of the nonsense and spin coming out of the Athletic Department and Razorback Foundation. They run off winning coaches and replace them with mediocrity. Then tell us they have to fire the mediocrity they brought aboard, and give us more mediocrity.

Here we go again, and having been down this road many, many, many times, it’s not good, nothing good about it.

Some people will never learn. More likely than not, Razorback basketball is about to go back down the roads and times of the Stan-Pelprey years.

And all those FIRE Anderson proponents are going to be on the defensive and telling us wait til next year, you’ll see. They won’t get tired, they’ll just turn their anger on the new losing coach once he fails to produce in 4 years or so.

9 years from now, after we have cycled through two more losing coaches, who knows what happens then.

More and more people are coming to realize the Razorback athletic programs that we knew growing up are memories of a glorious past now fading away.

My prediction on this coaching search ——

  1. Sampson is going to work us to get a huge raise and lifetime retirement security in Houston, where simply making the tournament is good enough. He’s too old to let that go so he can come to Arkansas so he can be fired in 4 years for never having a losing season like his predecessor, Mike Anderson.

  2. The Texas Tech coach is going to do the same thing. He nor any other coach are interested in coming to Arkansas where they face a near-impossible task. Come to Arkansas, win and get fired. Arkansas is not a premiere job and has not been a top program in over 20 years. Arkansas is where you go to win but not win enough and get fired. For the Red Raider coach, his agent can work us for some huge numbers and buy-outs, then stay in Lubbock, get a big raise, stay at Tech, win like he would probably win at Arkansas and retire one day a wealthy and happy man where they will name streets and buildings for him in Lubbock…or he can come to Arkansas and get fired in about 5 years while everybody says “he’s a good man, but he has to go.”

  3. All the established basketball coaches are going to use us to get raises just like Gus did in football, we’re in for a couple of weeks of rumors of big-names, big-name has beens but no press conference and none of them taking the Arkansas job.

  4. We got Anderson away from Missouri because he let sentimentality override a good business decision. No doubt Mike Anderson must regret that decision now.

  5. We are going to wind up with the Chad Morris basketball version, and next basketball season is going to be just as ugly as last year’s 2-10 football season, and we’re all going to be told that there’s an exciting recruiting class on the way so be patient.

  6. Then Yurachek can go suck up to the BOT and do a shameless brown-nose job and get a big raise and contract extension…wait, he already did that, but he can still do it again.


Why don’t we wait to see who they get before we put out the “gloom & doom” predictions? They hired two “up and comers” in the past. Hot coaches with limited experience as head coaches named Heath and Pelphrey. Didn’t work out too well. That doesn’t always fail. See Mike Anderson at UAB and Missouri. Hiring a coach with proven success as a head coach does not always work either. See Mike Anderson at Arkansas. It worked for Houston when they hired Kelvin Sampson, a proven head coach. Maybe that would work for US, this time. After 8 years, Mike ended up with no upper class, relying on a ton of transfers and new recruits, had a miracle when a 1st round NBA draft player returned, and that team under-achieved bigtime. Next year does not look like it will be any better. After 8 years, that is a program going down and it was time to make a change. Change doesn’t always work, but it also doesn’t always fail. Not trying to succeed is unacceptable. JMVVVVHO

Nice post, Hogmodo.

The easy way out for Hunter Yurachek was to let Mike coach next year…put off the decision, but he did not do that. AD’s make tough decisions which sometimes cost the AD their jobs. I was surprised Hunter made this decision, but he made the call to fire Mike. Razorback fans need to be patient and support the new coach. We supported Coach Anderson for 8 years…he was not run off by the fans. He was still reasonably popular the day he was let go. It was not a typical firing and good riddance kind of deal, at all. Most fans were saddened by his firing, but felt it was time. We will all move on…it’s only been a few days since he left.

Meh…Opinion Piece.

I liked Mike too, Nate. Get over it.

Nate Allen always comes across rather negatively to me.
Seems to be his demeanor.

No one knows whether we will be better or worse with the new coach. Stupid to make any declaration either way. We may turn out better, may be worse. The AD was willing to take the chance we would be better. I am too. But I respect the other side’s opinion. But all this declaring of gloom and doom and the supposed certainty of it is just plain dumb.

Exactly a butthurt opinion piece of garbage masquerading as journalism, almost everyone likes Mike, but it was beyond time to move on because he didn’t win enough, didn’t recruit well enough, didn’t manage the roster well enough. The absolute worst part of all this type drivel from journalists and message board posters is QUIT comparing Mike to freaking Pelphrey and Heath, compare him to what we should expect Nolan and Sutton, and then you can easily conclude that the past 8 years has been a failure!

Wah, wah,wah, Mike’s gone, we’re doomed. grow a sac for goodness sakes. Mike’s gone because he couldn’t recruit good enough basketball players plain and simple. Same reason Bielema is gone. I heard this doom and gloom crap when Chad Morris was hired too. Jury is still out, but IF you are paying attention the recruiting has certainly gotten much better under Morris. We need the same thing in basketball. Why don’t y’all go back and Listen to Nolan’s interview from a few weeks ago. Stating that he thought the basketball team was soft, including Gafford. recruit or die.

Can’t agree more with Nate. Cheating always catches up with coaches…so if we went with Sampson (who is not a proven tournament winner) we may have a few good years but would eventually fall back. Mike was a sustainable winner who was building for stable future and now Hunter has disassembled all of that. Hunter has failed to read the direction of basketball (no more 1 and dones, a strong SEC equalling better recruiting). A sad day especially since Hunter has zero knowledge of UA recent history.

It hasn’t worked at Houston per the standards under which Mike was fired. Sampson made his first NCAAT in year 4 and reached Round 2, same as what Mike did here. This year, he progressed one rounded further. So, they made 2 tournaments in 5 years. Houston has key players graduating this year. No telling what happens next. We will have to wait few more years to see if it worked better than here.

Or does just making Sweet 16 fit your definition of working?

It amazes me that so many people know exactly what the AD is thinking and has been thinking. These are the same people that know exactly what the future holds as well! They are self proclaimed geniuses! The BOT, University Chancellor and the AD should be consulting them, and our athletic programs would be so much better off!

I’m still trying to figure out how Mike was so mistreated while he was the coach.???


It fits my definition of working better than losing in second round of NIT. Steady improvement every year of the five versus Mike’s teams never reaching that level of success and under-achieving in his year eight is very acceptable grounds to fire Mike and hire Kelvin. JMVVVVVHO.

Are you guys razorback fans or Anderson fans? We need to get behind the new coach regardless who it is. It’s over if you want to keep complaining about Mike just follow him to his next job and take negative Nate with you. Let it go and get behind our program. This constant complaining solves nothing.