Nate Allen

Good to see NA is back at the keyboard after recent health concerns.

Yes indeed, good to see


Man I just can’t keep my Nates straight. I thought it was Nate Olsen that was sick?

Nate Allen had a bout with oral cancer. He has made a quick recovery. His surgery was five weeks ago. It’s great to have Nate back in the fold.

It’s a good day when Nate is grumbling around the press box. Makes all things right in my world.

I’m glad to see Nate back also but was a little surprised to see him write what he wrote. He is the first mainstream media person in Arkansas I’ve seen to portray Long in that light.

Man, Nate Allen brought the heat in that article. He must have been holding that inside for a while. That was one of the best pieces he has ever written, in my view, Great job, Nate. You brought it, buddy. I am and was a great fan of Coach Broyles so I never understood why Jeff just cleaned house when he came. The much smarter move would have been to do his job and develope Coach Broyles friendship and use him as a confidant while keeping the best employees of Coach Broyles’ on his staff and at the Foundation. Coach Broyles would have helped him, just as he did Houston Nutt. Nutt was wise enough to use Coach Broyles in that manner and it paid great dividends for him.

I liked Long & believe he should not have been fired. However, I agree with you 100% about this.

An AD is just like a head coach. He wants his people around him. The same will happen with whoever is hired to replace Jeff. Those who will inevitably move on understand that. They would want the same ability if they ever are hired to run their own department.

You are 100% correct Matt. An AD wants his own people around him. But that didn’t work out so well for JL. IMO he released a couple of folks that could have helped him avoid his ultimate fate. Who knows?