Nate Allen

Congratulations are in order for Nate Allen, who writes on occasion for this website and the magazine. Nate is being inducted into the Arkansas Sportswriters/Sportscasters Hall of Fame tonight. The ceremony is in Conway.

One of my favorite writers.

For whom is Nate writing (besides this site) these days?

For Nate Allen Sports Service, which sells his stories to small papers around the state who don’t staff the Hogs. Professional stringer, basically.

Thanks, Swine. I’ve known Nate for a long time. Glad he has an outlet. Wish him well, and he certainly deserves this induction.

I began following Nate when the Tulsa World picked up those stories and I lived in Oklahoma.

Congratulations to Nate on a well-deserved honor.

One thing we know. Nate will not comb his hair for the ceremony.

Congratulations to Nate and Matt- Question?

How much longer before you go up for the award

You Sir are one of my favorites - you’re accurate and how you use data to shape discussion is commendable -

Thankyou for your writing

Again congratulations to Mr Allen well deserved

Sadly, I’m on vacation so could not make it to Conway last night. Would have been fun listening to what Nate wrote for his speech. He often writes in riddles so it probably would have entertained.


Co grays to Dave Woodman as well…