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Kudos to Nate Allen’s article, he wrote what needed to be said, and heard. i’m sure he will sleep better at nights. The cart has been placed before the horses figuratively speaking. They won’t stay I’m beginning to smell rotten stinky stuff once it is allowed to settle in it will spread over to other programs

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Pure BS!!!

Pure BS!!!

Reply: What specifically is HY doing wrong regarding the coaching search? Thanks and I will hang up and listen.

I usually like Nate but as one poster said sounded like whiny Wally! This is not like the days when everyone knew what was going on, with social media HY has kept a lid on it and that’s fine with me!

I just now took time to read the article. It is spot on. I don’t know what posters are complaining about.

It is clear it is a mess how Yuracheck handled the firing of a long term UofA employee. Just not enough respect. And yes it is arrogant that no one can ask this AD a freaking question to explain it.

Clearly Sampson thing was a mess.

Nate clearly says he can fix this mess by hiring an elite coach.

Man, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

He does say he didn’t think firing was warranted. Maybe that is what is upsetting the complainers.

There were arguments to fire Mike. There were arguments to keep Mike. Decision is made now, we move ahead. HY is not going to change his mind and bring him back. I do agree that not taking questions after the firing was a tone-deaf move. You may not have liked Jeff Long’s moves but he’d give you an explanation.

That pompous jack —- seizes any and every opportunity to open his mouth and try and show how great he is. Thank god I don’t have to see his explanations anymore.
I don’t care that HY didn’t take questions, he doesn’t have to explain why he fired someone who just hasn’t delivered a high level of play. It was understandable to a lot.

Perfectly said PJ. He was spot on, IMO.

Nate’s right, but the real problem is that they didn’t fire Anderson soon enough. Should have done it last year and we’d have Beard now.

He should read Bob Holt’s story on the search to see how a real journalist does it. He even interviews former players for their take and doesn’t throw any uninformed biased opinions in the piece.


…, he doesn’t have to explain why he fired someone who just hasn’t delivered a high level of play. It was understandable to a lot.

[/quote]It’s much tougher for Arkansas to be competitive in the SEC than many believe. There’s a very good reason, Heath, Pel, and Mike were not at the level of play achieved by Sutton and Nolan…it’s called the SEC and a small state.


Maybe, but this $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and handlers has a lot to do with it also

Seriously bad takes from Nate Allen and a few of you in this thread.

If he hadn’t been interfered with, this hire would’ve been announced 5 days ago.

This was choice 1a for Yurachek, choice 1 wanted his son to be coach in waiting and was wisely told no deal.

I expect all of you who couldn’t stop patting yourselves on the back about how bad a job Yurachek was doing to issue public mea culpas.

Journalism lesson 101: Bob Holt was writing a news story. Nate Allen was writing an OPINION PIECE. That’s what it’s supposed to be. His opinion.

You don’t fire anybody coming off back to back tournament appearances. And why do you guys think Beard comes to Arkansas last year? From everything I’ve read on Beard Texas Tech is where he wanted to be, and he’s not leaving there unless it’s a blue blood job or Texas. Maybe, after the UALR year, we might could have got him, but if Texas Tech offers then, he may still have chosen them over us.

I agree. Didn’t like the article at all and felt it was unwarranted criticism.
I do like Nate but he was wrong this time.

You’re funny swine… What would we do without your brilliance

Dude, when you’re complaining about someone putting his opinion in an opinion column, somebody needs to 'splain it to you and you need to understand it. It’s fine if you don’t like that opinion.

Of course, when we have entire TV networks based on the premise that the American public can’t tell the difference between fact and opinion, it’s obvious you ain’t the only one.

  1. I know the difference between a column and an opinion piece… Appreciate your input though
  2. That does not change the fact that it was a biased, uninformed OPINION
  3. Don’t recall asking for your input anyway
  4. Yes I know you’re a moderator
  5. You may now return to your “Being Brett Bielma“ binge watching