Nate Allen on Ben Hicks … -coaches-/

Richard, don’t know about you but I’m pretty optimistic about this guy. Not a superstar and doesn’t have to be - if he can run what appears to be a somewhat complex scheme we may do very well with him

He’s no Kevin Scanlon, talent wise. Not even close. I was a little critical when I heard he was coming. I’ve seen him play st SMU several years and not really impressed. Still, the stuff about him coaching others is encouraging. Glad to have him for that reason.

He seems to have natural leadership skills. He needs to make a jump from last year to this to help Arkansas get to 5-6 wins.

Nailed it. Good eye.

Well, thank you (unfortunately).

I’m also one who said pretty early I thought JSJ could or should play at the UA a lot. Saw him play a ton in HS. I’m probably going to be wrong on that one. But he had a little something the other night. Fingers still crossed.

I’m no Gil Brandt. Trust me.

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