Nassar $380mm Settlement

I know Coach Wieber has been pretty upfront about what this depraved criminal did to her and others. Hope she benefitted from this settlement some. More importantly, I hope she’s found some peace and can continue to try and ensure this kind of thing doesn’t happen in any sport, especially gymnastics. I think she’s been a pretty big advocate for eliminating this stuff. Admirable.


Courage is rare.

Is Weber part of the settlement? She did not testify at the Capitol. So, wondering.

Not certain about the settlement. But she testified at Nassar’s criminal sentencing I think. Google it. Gave a victim impact statement or the like. Hammered him and the USOC. I don’t recall if she testified before Congress. Clay says so.

She did testify.

I am surprised Paul Boyd or someone from ADG hasn’t sought out a statement from Jordyn regarding this. Maybe they have and I missed it. Maybe they have and she did not want to talk about the past.

It was a perfect setup for a predator like Nassar. The girls trusted him, and the parents usually weren’t present. As I understand it, he explained away his abuse as “massage techniques” to “loosen muscles”.

I’ll assume Nassar is in solitary confinement. No way he would last a day in the general population. He is as evil as they come.

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I suspect different people deal with this different ways. Perfectly fine if she wants to put it in her rearview mirror and not talk about it any more. Or, maybe she does not want it to be a distraction from her coaching. Or, once more, maybe no one has asked her to talk about it and she’d like to at some point, beyond what she already has. In any event, she deserves to deal with it however she feels, and in any manner she wants. She gets a wide berth.



You kind of said the same thing I did.

I am surprised still that there is no reporting of the connection to Jordyn in the Arkansas media after the announcement of the settlement. To be honest, you mentioning Jordyn is the only reason I thought about Jordyn.

Jordan will preview the season tomorrow in a zoom. She will likely say what she wants then.

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