Napa Valley Today

I’m not much of a wine guy and we had 19 year olds in tow, so my expectations for todays trip were low. How wrong I was! That part of this state is simply mesmerizing. I’m a descendent of farmers so those vineyards sitting on those hills really struck a deep cord with me today. Wish we had a few extra days to go back and do a real educational tour and tasting to learn about the science of wine making…which speaks to the biology major in me.

COVID has shut down a lot of the tours unless you book a tasting set in advance, so we missed out on it. Highlight today was hitting Bouchon Bakery in Yountville, a Thomas Keller place that was awesome! I can’t imagine how good French Laundry is given this place but I’m not a $350/person type of guy for a meal.

Just like a Pebble Beach return trip, Napa also deserves one!

Napa and Sonoma both great. Bring your Amex. You won’t have enough cash.

We went to Napa and Sonoma in October. I had never been there before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m more of an IPA guy. We had a great time!!! I find myself drinking a little more wine these days.

On of my favorites was the winery in the caves dug by the Chinese laborers. The temperature in the caves was perfect for aging wine.

The art in Napa valley was awesome. I have never seen so many cool cars. You got to have a bunch of money to roll in Napa.

The drive down Hwy 1 from that area to San Francisco is spectacular. Hwy 1 is one of my favorite drives anywhere in California.

Agree and Highway 1 is beautiful going both north and south from SF!

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Of the two large valleys, Sonoma is easily my preferred. Napa is way too commercialized. Some of the vintners in the Northern end are small and nice, but I’d much prefer Sonoma.

Next time, try a little side jaunt to the Russian River Valley. Topography is different. Sonoma and Napa are wide in most places with flat to rolling hills. Russian River Valley is mostly narrower with the mountains hovering atop the vines. And trees everywhere.


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