Nance transferring

At last check he was not playing this year and would try to rejoin the team in the spring. He is still enrolled as a student, according to the UA directory.

It is impossible to know if one is interpreting the various Twitter comments correctly or not. In looking at some of the player comments, I get the impression that there are some who are saying he has not gotten a fair deal. I don’t know if they are blaming the coaching decisions, the play of the QB’s, or what. I do not get the feeling that any have blamed the lack of separation from D-backs.

There is so much subtext and having to read between the lines. I do think it adds fire to the ‘not buying in’ talk though.

I’m also sure that every comment on every social media platform is known by the coaching staff and is used in player evaluations. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in the meetings where these comments are discussed. Some do not match the words or tone they convey in live interviews though.

Having said that, he is a former JUCO in his last year and his time is fast running out. Perhaps he has no confidence that the offensive woes can be solved this year.

“maybe he’ll find a school that wants him to play WR and not switch to cornerback”

I have no idea if he was serious or trying to “drop a scoop” on us, I’m just relaying info

I will say that the Auburn game was the first game this year where the WR’s appeared to at least TRY to block someone


hes’s not really a blow by you guy he’s a slant and crossing route guy and we rarely call either so therefore he has no shot at getting much action…totally inderstand it form his perspective…wish him well.

I’m sure George Wilson would tell him to not knock it until he tries it…

an Arkansas problem.

Happening all over - even with successful teams.

It’s an unintended consequence of the redshirt rule, but one reason that many coaches were against it around the country.

I’m find with it. I think players should have the ability to move as coaches do - especially after they do.

As for Nance, he’s always seemed like a good young man and certainly had a great season last year.

But also it must be noted that he has gone to Southern Miss, juco, Arkansas and now will end up elsewhere.

The cornerback comment is a reference to how he went to Southern Miss as a WR and they told him he woukd instead be a CB and thus he transferred out.

Players need to transfer to colleges where they can get more playing time and contribute. Therefore, it is a good rule that Alabama other elite teams may not like, but should benefit Arkansas because while some may transfer out, better players, mostly second team players, from teams such as Alabama, Georgia, and LSU may transfer to Arkansas where likely they can be starters.

For example, Jalen Hurts, unless he’s not very smart and he may not be, will likely take advantage of the rule. And, if he transfers to Arkansas, Auburn, or most any other college, he would be an immediate starter. I guess we will know Saturday if he is smart enough to take a redshirt and transfer.

That sword cuts both ways. For example, a kid that really, really wanted to go to - say - Georgia or Alabama or Ohio State may have had to “settle” on another place (pick one). If, after a redshirt year and a good RS-freshman season, he catches they eye of a coach at his dream school, he can jettison the school that believed in him and offered him a scholarship when his dream school would not, and gave him an education and developed him to the point where he was going to “pay them back” on the field - but he moves up to the “glamour” school.

Not sure who “wins” in this switcherama. Will be interesting to watch over the next 4 or 5 years to see how it plays out.

He may, but the way the announcers were talking during the Bama-A&M game is that he is totally bought in at Alabama and plans to work hard to win the starting job next year. He doesn’t want to transfer to a school that wants him to run; he wants to get better throwing the ball and figures Enos and Alabama gives him the best chance of getting to the NFL.

This is not defending Nance because he’s certainly part of the lack of production, but our QB’s are not exactly Joe Namath like in getting the ball to anybody.

Not ALL of that is on the receivers. Some of them have run the wrong routes and were not on the same page as the QB.