Nance transferring

Using the 4 game redshirt rule. Wonder if there will be others?

Bro seems to be an opportunist, he hopes on the first bus to what seems to better… however, it’s his right to do so but I just hope he realizes that you take you with you everywhere you go

He actually did a good job for us last year when AA would hold the ball until they got open or could throw guys open to overcome the WR’s lack of separation. We have tooooo many Big12 and CUSA level WR’s. All of our WRs were expected to be real WRs this year so those that can’t get quick separation are not playing much.

Umm…Oklahoma has Big12 WR’s, I think they are pretty good??

Hey don’t pull that crap, anybody knows what I mean. Does everyone have press coverage CB’s in the SEC? No but the majority do have them. The Big12 has very few OU level teams.

The story: … -arkansas/

I’m not bagging on Nance - I wish him well . . . seriously.

But this is exactly what needs to happen. This season will identify the ones that will move forward with us, and those that will jump off the ship - for whatever reason.

WR is a particular spot where we’ve got large numbers but - to my eye - not much in the way of big time contributors. I had puzzled earlier this year over all the WR we’ve been recruiting for 2019, given the numbers - but now I understand. I expect maybe half of this current group of WR to be gone (or playing scout/special teams) by next year.

We will also see this across the team, to a lesser extent. The effect, in the short run, will be a lack of experienced depth. But the positive is that we will have a nucleus of talented players who completely buy-in to what Morris is doing, and that will be what we build from. This next class should add to the core group, and the 2020 class will accelerate the turnaround.

Wizard you are exactly right. When there is a change in regime, anyone that is truly disgruntled needs to go. Its better in the long run. I expect there will be more.

On another note…this is the unintended result of a new (and good) rule.

Nance will have to sit out a year once he leaves…unless he goes down a division. He does not have an NFL future…so he might go down a level.

There is a significant number of lower level players in the NFL.

I was at the first three games, and Nance played a lot and did little. That really did not change against Auburn. He has not been able to get open and he had one reception for -2 yards in four games. He just has not fit into the new offense for whatever reason.

His lack of production is probably the biggest mystery and disappointment in the WR corps. Going into the season he was one of the known quantities, maybe the known quantity, to build around. Now, it’s pretty clear that he’s been passed in the rotation, probably by Woods.

So he needs a chance to play somewhere else and put up some numbers. He played well last year and I hope he finds a spot to re-gain his form.

I wish him well. I hope he graduates and lands at a place where he can catch a lot of passes.

Not sure, but since he’s a senior, I’m thinking he’ll graduate this spring and thus be able to transfer somewhere and play next fall.

Buy in or move on.

From what I could find, Nance was targeted four times in four games. Kelley hit him for a 13-yard gain in the opener, but the catch was negated by penalty. He caught one pass for -2 yards at Colorado State, then was not targeted against North Texas, a game in which he was named a team captain. Ty Storey then threw two incompletions Nance’s way on Saturday.

Good statement. I feel like some - definitely, not all - of what we are seeing this year is probably the lack of buy in from players who were brought here under a different pretense. I suspect Nance won’t be the last player of note who will transfer in the next few months.

We will probably see more this week. We have too many WRs that are not “SEC enough” to crack the rotation.

Junior college is a tough deal. You really don’t know what you are going to get. EVER. I don’t know that Nance is going to flourish anywhere. I have not seen him running free and he’s been on the field enough that he’s had at least a chance.

Allow me to pray for Arkansas to get some Big 12-level wide receivers.

Yea I would take a Dez Bryant caliber WR any day.

Is Brandon Martin officially gone too?