Name two better at any school

Kareem and Florence Griffith Joyner, UCLA

Carl Lewis and Hakeem Olajuwon, University of Houston

Michael Jordan & Mia Hamm … UNC.

Wilt Chamberlin and Jim Ryun - KU

Arnold Palmer and Tim Duncan at Wake.

Staubach and David Robinson at Navy.

Mailman Karl Malone and Terry Bradshaw at La. Tech.

LSU? Maravich or Shaq and either YA Tittle or Billy Cannon.

Michigan State? Bubba Smith and Magic?

None of these get close to LT and MJ.

Jim Ryan never won anything big, unfortunately. Silver medal was the best finish.

Or Kareem and Jimmy Connors from UCLA

Tiger Woods and John McEnroe from Stanford

Or, Kareem and Mark Harmon (perhaps the greatest “transferred career” to acting; certainly an acting series; and of course his Dad won the Heisman).

PJ, Jim Ryan was the top middle distance runner in the world at one time. He’s the last American to hold the world record in the mile run.

He obviously won a few races.

Yes, he has a lot of fame. He was projected to dominate the 1500M and The Mile, but he did not win the elusive Olympic gold. Agree with what you are saying but I just have difficulty pairing him with the greats mentioned in this thread.

Defective memory, but I believe Ryan was first to run sub-4 minute mile!

Roger Banister was the first

Ryan was the first high schooler to break 4 minute mile.

Forgot the Brat went to Stanford. Not bad.

With my cardinal colored glasses on, how about Lance Alworth and Mike Conley. The 1st AFL player to be elected to the NFL Hall of Fame, and an Olympic gold medal winner.


Hogstetrician is, of course, correct. Roger Bannister was the first to run a sub-4 minute mile. Also, Southpaw is correct that Ryan was first high schooler to break 4 minutes. Ryan at one became the only American to hold the world record.

Only American to hold what world record? The mile? No he wasn’t. It had been a while since the last one, Glenn Cunningham, but Ryun (the correct spelling) was not the first US record holder.

Glenn Cunningham lived the last part of his life in Arkansas, by the way.

Swine - I completely butchered what I was trying to say above. You are correct in your spelling of Ryun’s name. Ryun did become, at one time, the first American to hold the sub-4 minute mile world record. i’m sure many others have since. You are. of course correct again, that Ryun was not the first American to hold the world’s record in the mile, nor was Cunningham. I believe the first American to hold the world’s record mile, John Paul Jones, ran 4:14:4 May 31, 1913.

I might’ve put Sidney in there somewhere. My favorite Hog in any sport. But as much as I love Sidney, not sure he could displace Alworth or Conley.