Name two better at any school

Sean Payton is likely right here. Football and basketball, Jordan and LT at Carolina. Any rebuttal? Probably shouldn’t be. He does say you can pick any two sports. But it has to be the same school. And I think you have to look at entire body of work, combined performance in both college and pro. That’s where it gets a little dicey for womens’ sports and non-big-3 men’s sports (other than maybe golf). Speaking of golf, Tiger and another Stanford athlete might do it. Elway probably wouldn’t cut it.

Can’t beat Jordan and LT. Both are arguably the best at what they do.

I’ll give my best shot:


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Jackie Robinson.

I’d say that’s pretty close.

I was thinking about Jabbar and another UCLA athlete. That’s very good. Did Robinson actually play baseball for UCLA? Assume so.

Robinson was a great college player in football, basketball, baseball, and he killed at track.

Come to think of it: if we include the entire body of college and pro, I might be convincing myself that Robinson and Kareem could be better than MJ and LT.

I agree.

Jordan probably elevated the entire combo over Robinson/Jabbar. Close. Derek Jeter received a scholarship to play baseball at Michigan but Yankees drafted him and he never attended college. He and Brady would have been formidable. Can we pair Montana with another Notre Dame athlete? Texas — Earl Campbell and Roger Clemens? I would not use Kevin Durant.

I’ll add one athlete and go with Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley and Frank Thomas at Auburn at the same time.

I think you’d need to omit Bo as great as he was. Injuries prevented long term dominance in any one sport. Barkley/White is decent but not a winner.

Yes, but the trick here is the entire body of work. Kareem beats MJ here. It’s fairly indisputable that Kareem was a better college player than Jordan. MJ wasn’t even considered the best of his class coming out of North Carolina. Kareem was a phenom who went on to win 6 NBA titles and hold the scoring crown for quite a while…well, until you know who.

Jordan is the greatest NBA player, but I think Kareem might have him in the entire body.

The real debate is Jackie vs. LT. Had Jackie been able to play in the majors from the beginning, his numbers would be better—and they’re still pretty darn impressive. Does that beat arguably the best defensive player ever in the NFL? Probably not. It’s actually LT who wins it for Payton’s duo here.

You are right about Jordan at UNC. He was great and had the national title game winner against Georgetown. But he didn’t just kill it stats wise. Someone said the only man that could hold Jordan under 20 in college was Dean Smith. Jordan had tons of great players around him.

Kareem is still the scoring leader in NBA. LeBron is still 4000 plus points short.

Ohio State - Jack Nicklaus and Jesse Owens

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Wait, you’re right. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Note to self: do not post before first coffee.

Oh…that’s a good one.

Wilt Chamberlin and Gayle Sayers - Kansas Jerry West and Sam Huff - West Virginia

This would be the best pair for me. If we are giving equal value to golf and track as football, baseball, and basketball, this would be hard to beat.

Of every athlete mentioned in this thread, Jack is probably the only one who was the indisputably best in his sport.

You could argue Tiger has topped Jack but I don’t know which Stanford athlete you could pair with him. John Elway maybe?

Tiger and Jim Plunkett

I think Elway was clearly a better player than. Plunkett at both levels, even though Plunkett won the Heisman.

Oscar Robertson and Sandy Koufax, University of Cincinnati