Name the Top 11 Arkansas prep football players of all-time

That’s what has been bouncing around in company emails for the last few days. No reason you guys can’t take a crack at it. And, no one will be wrong. When you pick it, it’s your team. And, there are only right answers!

That’s a tough one, especially since I can’t claim to have followed HS football that closely. However, I’d start with these. I’m not going by position, especially since I’m not sure I could name a bunch of great HS linemen, but all these were phenomenal HS football players. (Ok. I assume some of them were based upon their later exploits, but I know some were great in HS.)

Billy Ray Smith, Sr.
Bud Brooks
Donnie Kessinger
Jerry Eckwood
Basil Shabazz (sp?)
Ken Hatfield
Keith Jackson
Darren McFadden
Charlie Flowers
Wayne Harris
Clyde Scott

I’ve always heard Shabazz was the best there has ever been, but I never got to see him.

The best I ever saw was this kid from Fort Smith Northside. His name was Keniko Logan.
He was an awesome football talent. Best I ever saw, but his story never developed
beyond his legal problems. He is the classic “what might have been” story.

Granted, many will say that you can’t mention him because of the murder, drugs, grades,
etc. And to that extent I agree, but from a pure RB standard, he was one of, if not the best
HS talent Arkansas has produced.

I’d add Madre Hill to your list, he was a beast in HS.

I was a few years behind Shabazz. I heard how great he was. I had a cousin that was Basil’s age and had actually played against him. He brags that the one time he got a shot at Shabazz, after he hit him Shabazz left the field and didn’t return. He claims Shabazz was overrated. Don’t know what year it was, but my cousin played for McClellan.

Was it the last play of the game? :lol:

Leotis Harris, Dirt Winston, Ronnie South, R. Trail, Dickey Morton, Glen Ray Hines, Jim Lindsay, Dan Hampton

Defining an “11” is a tough thing; especially tough for me as I did not attend secondary schools in Arkansas and I was overseas during the 50’s and early 60’s.

But, I think Eric Mitchell was a stellar athlete (another man among boys, especially in the all star game). Freddie Childress was just impressive at his bulk. And, as my school peer, Dan Hampton was exceptional on the Hill; but I’m not sure of his HS accolades.

Dickey Morton was from Dallas.

Did any HS player rank nationally higher than Mitch Mustain?

May have been

Since the 70s:
Cedric Cobbs
Darren McFadden
Peyton Hillis
Derek Russell
Keith Jackson
Shawn Andrews
Freddie Childress
Keith Traylor
Dennis “Dirt” Winston

I forgot about Cobbs

I saw Shabazz and I saw Cobbs. Shabazz was at another level. And as for the guy getting a shot in on Shabazz I would like to see that video. From what I have seen on tape and in person, I would be shocked if anyone got a shot in on him. He was that quick.


I would too

It’s probably impossible to have a good list limited to 11. There are just a lot more than 11 one could argue for. Besides, it’s also hard to compare players who played in different times or even at different classifications. I named 11 off the top of my head & have no regrets, but I’ve seen others named who I could just as easily add. I forgot about Freddie Childress & Shawn Andrews. Hard to omit them.

I wouldn’t put Mitch Mustain on the list. I don’t think that’s based on any prejudice I admittedly have against him. I just think his statistics were more a result of a system & being part of a team that was much better than its opponents. If he’d been that special in HS, he’d have probably been more productive in college.

  1. Keith Jackson
  2. Keith Jackson
  3. Basil Shabazz
  4. Jerry Eckwood
  5. Treylon Burks-maybe I’m influenced by that Arkadelphia game too much, but that’s the best hs player I’ve seen in person since KJ. I know DMAC is DMAC, but in hs, I give the edge to TB. sorry.
  6. DMAC
  7. Madre Hill
  8. Eric Mitchell
  9. Ju Ju Harshaw
  10. Pick a Henry
  11. Pick a Henry


I forgot Shawn Andrews! would put him at 8

2nd addendum-I forgot Wayne Martin and Kennedy who played DL for the Miami Hurricanes-that’s my 10 and 11


Forgot about Wayne Martin.

Keith Jackson
Shawn Andrews
Jerry Eckwood
Bobby Mitchell
Wayne Harris
Billy Moore
Don Hutson
Madre Hill

Side note- Just watched an excellent ‘Cedric “C4” Cobbs Arkansas Razorbacks’ highlights video on you tube-if you are bored. IMO Only DMac has a better college highlight video as an Ark running back. Cobbs was a load with moves and speed. Too bad we don’t have a Razorback highlights video on Shabazz. I saw his high school highlight film and it was amazing.