Name our receivers who are a mismatch threat when covered by a single defender................

…not named O’Grady. I know our QB’s don’t have a lot of time to let the wideouts develop their routes and I know we don’t have the most accurate passers at QB. Ty is pretty good on the short and intermediate routes and Kelley can hit a deep route occasionally. Almost all of the defenses that we have played have had corners and safeties who seem to have no problem staying with most of our receivers letting the rest of their defense blitz and overload the box like crazy. CCM’s offense, traditionally, uses one great receiver to one side, overloads the other side, and dares the defense to try and cover the great one with one defender. Woods may be the closest to that great receiver that we have and he is a 3* true freshman with just OK speed.

We don’t have one right now.

Do not have one, plain and simple.

Should clean house and go get the guys he wants, like he is. He knows what great receivers look like, I’m excited about that.

On another note, I am curious about Koilan jackson, he may for this offense pretty well. Good size, great hands, hopefully good speed.

There are two that in my mind have the talent, but haven’t made an impact yet. I could see Warren being a mismatch in the slot with his speed and quickness, but for whatever reason he hasn’t been able to crack the depth chart.
Also, I think Koilain Jackson will be tough to cover with his size/speed once he is 100% healthy and has the offense down.
I could see both of those guys getting significant playing time early next season while the incoming freshmen get up to speed with the playbook.

As for the ones actually seeing the field, Jones is fast, but seems to get pushed around too much to find separation. Pettway has the size, not quite the speed, and neither of them have great hands. I’m afraid JRed will never be the same after the injuries he’s been through. Oh yes, and Woods is solid, but not a superstar.

Jones is our fastest WR and I think he could be a tough matchup,Hammonds in the slot could be I think…I love Woods aggressivness but no real Stud in the group hopefully this incoming group will help us.

Another guy who has not cracked the rotation yet would be Chase Harrell, who is one big, strong athletic guy. He’s been playing mainly special teams since about the second game, and I don’t know what the story is on his development. He does create problems for smaller DBs in short/intermediate routes, and could be particularly effective in the red zone. Perhaps he will get more snaps as we roll through the second half of the year.

yeah ever since he bricked one off his hands at CSU we haven’t even given Harrell a chance.He’s a big body who could be a tough matchup.

Warren & Jones are both mentioned as 4.3+ sprinters, we have seen some flashes from both. It still takes some talent to get a DB turned or stutter to run right by them though.

Who’s the defender. I’d say every receiver is a mismatch for a certain defender. This is too difficult to answer. Every receiver on our team has had a good game this year and made great plays. So, I’d say each one of them on multiple occasions as outmatched their man.

Mike Woods

Warren has got some wiggle and quick feet. He was a run-first QB in high school so he is still learning how to be a WR, but he has some ability to be explosive. I think he has a chance to develop further as more of CM’s offense gets installed in the months ahead, and could have a significant role on offense in 2019.

Jones needs to work on his route-running to get himself open more often. He’s averaging over 15 yards a catch(only 11 receptions) so he does have the ability to stretch the field. Right now defenders can usually play just average coverage and keep him fairly quiet. He did play at a small-school level in high school, and he’s only a sophomore, so there is some upside.

Jones is a fairly skinny looking 6-1 180. That’s the same size as one of the incoming freshmen, and smaller than the other three. He needs to step it up the rest of this year, and have a really good off-season, in order to keep his spot in the rotation.

Mike Woods

So, the true freshman, 3* receiver with reported 4.74/40 speed, who we beat out SMU and Vanderbilt to get is our most dangerous receiver. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … hael-woods”></LINK_TEXT> That kind of testifies that offensive line and QB are not the only “lack of SEC talent” problems that CCM is having to overcome.

Woods is definently faster than 4.7

If Mike Woods runs a 4.7, I’m 6-4.

He’s a great route runner, has a great feel for the game and has speed as evidenced by him running by Texas A&M’s secondary.

The defender is normally the top cornerback, cover guy, on the other team. What I am looking for is a receiver that can beat that guy often enough to force them to put a safety back to help. Nobody, including East Illinois has had to do that yet. THAT is the receiver that I think CCM hopes he finally has in this next bunch of recruits.

what you also have to take in mind is the route being run.its very hard to blow by somebody on a straight fly route becasue of the cushion but much easier to get by them on a crossing route ala jwright Joe adams.I think most of our routes based on what I have seen are not very creative.
I don’t see any bunch sets with wrs all doing different routes which are VERY hard to cover b/c usually one of the DB’s is going to mess it up…I don’t see many double move routes other than the one out and up route Ogrady scored on against OM and he was wide open.I just see mostly very basic routes and you would have to have tremendous speed to get open and we just arent there yet.

i think all that factors in when you are trying to make exlosive plays if you don’t have great athletes you have to be creative and get them open pick routes for ex.

I agree with your assessment. Are we getting the right kind of coaching from our receivers coach???