Name one time the program has been lower

I can’t do it…please educate me

20 of roughly last 25 years.


The John L. Smith year?

31-9 vs smu in Shreveport along with the 3-7-1 first year of sec. nutt’s back to back losing years were rough too

You must not remember most of the 90s.

Jack Crowe

The fact this being discussed/debated tells you all you need to know about the state of the program… basement

Next to the last season the Hogs were in the SWC. TCU wasn’t today’s a TCU, Baylor wasn’t was Baylor was recently until their issues. If memory serves me correctly . Each conference game our opponent took turns whaling on the Hogs. I think it was the 1990 season. I remember attending the Rice game in Little Rock & the Hogs lost to Rice.

Certainly no Moral victories, but Hogs played much better than against SC last weekend. Especially on defense. Kelly is gonna be a good one & at least the O-Line played with some physicality. Bottom line is they were simply out matched. It was counted as a loss before the schedule was even announced.

You have to like how Deon Stewart and Jordan Jones competed. They made some catches in traffic when they knew they were going to get hit. I think they grew up a bit tonight. Need Brandon Martin to stay on the field and keep getting better. He’s a talent.

They’re not where you would like them to be, but they made some strides tonight.


Be honest with yourself. Everyone on this board to include myself expected this whipping today to be bad! The players put up a fight. Let it go. Flush this one it’s over.
They sure played with more fight today than what they showed at South Carolina.
Maybe we will see a better Oline next week ! And maybe Enos won’t try to put a square through a round hole next week.
I thought his play calling stunk tonight.
Appreciate and find some positives. I’m tired of losing but I’m even more tired of losing sight that there has to be a positive found from this game.
By the way this isn’t the first year since I’ve been a hog I’ve felt this way. It may make all of us appreciate a win just a little bit more.
The John L Smith year was the most disappointing season ever for our hogs.
This one doesn’t come close.
Most folks forget that AA passed for 400 yards last year aginst Bama and our turnovers was what beat us!

From 1990 - 1997 we were 38 - 51 - 2.

I thought they made strides as well. They really were over matched, but they competed. They never quit!
We knew how this would end. It could have been worse, but not as bad as some thought. Not that 41 yo 9 was good, but the defense played hard and just ran out of gas. If the offense had had more success in keeping the defense off the field, it might not have been so bad in the 4th qtr. they fought til the end. Never quit!

The day Jeff Long was hired!!!

The day Citadel showed up in Fayetteville and held Arkansas to a FG to open the season, the day USC hung 77 on Houston Nutt while DMac and Felix Jones watched from the bench, Bobby Petrino’s first season when Florida, Texas and Bama took turns kicking the crap out of us when we had no defense. It’s been bad at UA before, but Saban just makes it feel pointless—like even if we were a top 10 team one day…it would only be for the day before we played a Saban Bama team.
Imagine 3 years of REAL recruiting of SEC caliber O linemen, linebackers and safeties just to become competitive again in this league again.

AA worries me, what I saw tonight was a QB having fun, and if he got hit, he chalked it up to Bama being well, Bama. The line responded to him and may have played their best game in awhile. I have a feeling what we are seeing with the offense the past six games (preBama) maybe more to do with AA being scared of being hit. Hopefully, he realizes that and starts having fun again. If not, Bret may not be here to coach the future we all saw tonight. All of us saw glimpses of where this can go, a SR Kelley to a SR Jones will back Bama off the line opening up a hole for a SR Hayden who had several positive plays against a “more talented” team.

I hate to say this! Broyles coached when? Holtz? We have had some good teams but nothing of National prominence? We need to ride this out! This re build probably has two more years! Yes we spend a lot of money! But it comes down to line play?