Name ideas for basketball-specific podcast

Starting Tuesday for media day, we’re planning to launch a weekly podcast strictly focusing on Razorback basketball. I’ll be hosting. Dudley will be on regularly and we’ll have some other people involved, too, like Kurt Voigt of the AP, Matt, Blake (our new video guy) and other really fun guests I have in mind.

Been workshopping potential names and wanted to give you guys a chance to weigh in. Matt thought of Bud Buddies to play off BWA and it’s pretty clever, buuut sounds like butt buddies when you say it out loud haha.

The more random, the better.

Actually, just thought of “The Sooieet Sixteen Hogcast” … thoughts?

First of all, this is the best news I have read on this board in quite some time.

Now, to the names:

  1. The Outstretched Arm of Antonio Lang Podcast
  2. Syracuse Called a Timeout Podcast
  3. Mario Credit
  4. The No More UNC kthxbai Podcast
  5. Cerruti Brown
  6. The Why Aren’t Games in Little Rock Televised Podcast
  7. Fresh Legs

These are all pretty great. Cerruti Brown, in particular, made me chuckle. No. 1 is pretty solid and may be a new contender.

“Fastest 10 minutes”??

Hey now. I dunno about you but ten minutes can last a long time. :o

Name has been picked. Wound up being a no-brainer I can’t believe it took as long as it did to come up with.

Will try to have the podcast posted by Tuesday evening. It’ll be available on the WholeHog Soundcloud channel, iTunes podcasts and I’ll probably embed the Soundcloud link into a story on here.

Hope you provide a browser link for those not on Soundcloud, like Richard does on his audio.

I recognized having seen the name Cerruti Brown but it took Google to remind me where I’d seen it. Not bad.

Will do.

This gets my vote.