Name change

I’ve been a member of this Forum for umpteen years old timers know me as Blackhogdown when this format changed somehow it now shows my government name ,does anyone know how I can change it on this forum?

Shoot Matt Jones a PM; pretty sure he has the magical powers to make that happen.

I can change it for you. Please send me a PM and we can discuss what you’re looking for.

Can I change my name to SECRefsSuck? :rofl:


Thanks in advance

:+1:t2::innocent::joy: - good one

I like that name. It’d be wildly popular on this & other boards. :laughing:

Kiffin would love the name for sure.

Randy, I think worldseriesofporker is iconic. I wouldn’t change it, although I feel your pain.

But I shudder to think what your new avatar would be… :flushed:

If we still had tag lines that would be perfect…

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