Name a home-and-away you would like to see

Seeing Jeff’s college football traditions post made me think about all of the places Arkansas either has not played, or has not played in quite some time.

What home-and-away football series would you like to see Arkansas play? And why?

For me, it is Nebraska. Lincoln and Fayetteville are only separated by about 5 1/2 hours of drive time, and the programs are comparable because they are the only major ones in their states. I think it would be an entertaining game for both sides.

A little-known fact is that Northwest Arkansas has a lot of Nebraska fans. I’m not sure if this still is the case, but a Bella Vista radio station at one time carried the Cornhuskers’ game broadcasts.

I don’t really know. That’s tough for me. Although they all may not have been home and away, Southern Cal was just ugly, Miami stomped a mud whole in us, the whole A&M play in Jerry World annual beat down for recruiting sake game, just seems like these specialty games don’t work so much. I’ll go with Lamar.

Lamar might have to bring in extra bleachers for that one.

Nebraska’s a good one. There is also a cluster of Husker fans in Central Arkansas; when Union Pacific took over the Missouri Pacific Railroad, UP moved a bunch of people to Arkansas from Omaha. There was a Conway station carrying Husker games at one point. I just looked up the NU radio network; no current Arkansas stations.

I’d like to see us play home and home with tOSU. I was really looking forward to the Michigan series until the Maize and Blue backed out. But the Horseshoe would be an adequate replacement for the Big House.

I’d also like to play Clemson. Obviously right now that would be brutal, but things change. USC was down when we scheduled the home and home with them in the 2000s, but Pete Carroll fixed that in a hurry. It can go in the other direction too.

As for Miami, they stomped a mudhole in us at WMS, but we darn near won the return match in the Orange Bowl. And they’re certainly not as good now as they were in the 80s.

I would be fine with Nebraska, Kansas State, or OU.

For fun stadium fan standpoint

Penn state
Virginia tech
Notre dame

For a beautiful part of the world.


To cause the internet to explode and result in the first sign of the apocalypse

Arkansas State @ Jonesboro

We played at Hawaii in 1987, during the Hatfield era, and of course we have the ND home and home coming up in a few years. The 'Bows don’t play a lot of NC home and homes, and why should they?

I thought about BYU as well, partly because my son is in Utah now, although he’s a lot closer to Las Vegas than he is to Provo. BYU is having trouble scheduling as an independent, so I bet that could happen if HY wants it.

ASU at Jonespatch wouldn’t be the first sign of the apocalypse, it would be Armageddon. You decide which side is evil…

Would love to see Hogs vs Huskers, two programs rebuilding both with new staffs, plus it’s a hour closer to drive. WPS

I live in Austin and I am fifty years old…Longhorns

Miami,Texas or Stanford


Ok St.

Louisville - Hi Bobby

West Virginia - hopefully Steelers playing at home the weekend the Hogs visit Morgantown.

Seriously, Nebraska wouldn’t be a bad one. There is really several good ones. Even though I got over the past I would love to see TX role into Fayetteville one more time.

Texas comes to Fayetteville on Sept. 11, 2021.

I know it’s scheduled, but I’d like it to be every year… against Texas.

Outside of UT, I’d love for us to do a series with an ACC team, I’m thinking Miami of FSU. That would be a lot of fun to go to.

This is what is really sad about the SEC. I’d like to see a home-and-home with Tennessee, but we can’t have that because of the crazy way the schedule is built.

played 'em in '70…@ LR
Beautiful campus…

Georgia Tech.

All recruiting hot spots, a couple may be winnable.

Would love to see some games against ACC or Pac-12–
UCLA (if not USC)
Arizona State
… all would be interesting. And Nebraska would be fun as well.


wisconsin…just because;va tech;florida state;purdue or northwestern