Name 1 game in your life we have looked worse?

Miami 1986? Hal Smith vs Bama? Name 1.

USC early 2000’s

USC game. Don’t recall the year, but it was about 2004.

In the back-to-back 52-0 shutouts by Alabama

Miami in Little Rock is the only one that is close.

This one definitely ranks up there with some off the biggest stinkers.

A feel better now that there are competitors

What an embarrassment. We are not a good team this year. Ole Miss and TCU wins have turned out to be against underperforming teams.


How bad did bama beat us in '92? I remember that being pretty bad. Or the year Danny Ford was overheard saying something about Peyton Manning getting his knee blown out? USC was probably the worst though.

55 years + following the Hogs. This as embarrassing, perplexing, and damaging a loss that I can recall. I really don’t know what to think or what might happen from here. Dumbfounded.

A lot of these were somewhat more expected or could be more easily explained.

USC had Reggie Bush and Matt Leinhart. They were at the height of their powers.

We were a dumpster fire during those Bama games. No one thought we had a chance.

This one is the worst. We’ve got some good players. This is our coach’s forth year. And Auburn is not as good as those teams.

Today was #1 for me.

Jack Crowe’s 3-spot of offense he amassed against the Citadel in the home opening loss to start us off right early in our SEC era. Fired the next day.

They put 70 on the board!

Most memorable for me was Jimmy Johnson’s Miami team rolling into Little Rock in '87 and beating Hatfield’s Hogs 51-7. We had never been beat like that in the Rock before, back in the day the Hog’s didn’t lose many there. :sunglasses:

2005: USC 70-17. Of course the result was later vacated.