N W A Touchdown club

I have heard rumors, about Bo making fun of the football team yesterday at the club meeting can anybody that went to the meeting confirm that. I am not trying to get anything stirred up,but just wondering if this is true.

I didn’t go and haven’t heard whether he did or not.

But there are plenty - some on this board - who have done the same so I am not sure what would be so outrageous about it.

Dunno about Bo…Gene Chizik told a couple of jokes on the current situation…it was in good taste and the room laughed. People need to lighten up if they can’t take a joke. I watched the Chizik video and enjoyed it very much as did the attendees.

Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh and take it even though it is hurting. It was kind of like the feeling when Aggies returned that opening kickoff, my heart dropped as I saw the big hole open up from our end zone seats but then just shook my head and grinned, nothing else to do.

The good thing is that I am almost positive we have hit rock bottom and the only 2 options are to stay there or rise up. We have lost 4 straight including Col State and UNT, we are fixtures in ESPN Bottom 10 last few weeks, bottom of the SEC power ratings and the list goes on. I mentioned to my nephew leaving stadium last week after 7th straight loss against the Aggies (unfortunately i have seen 6 of them in person), just think how good it is going to feel to beat these guys, we will be partying for a week! WPS :slight_smile:

Mattingly goes out of his way to disparage the Razorbacks. The guy bites the hand that feeds him. I listened to his show today, Friday, and he just has disdain for Arkansas. From his interviews to his questions and comments to his audience, he obviously doesn’t like the team or the state he talks about all day long every day. I don’t think the little man needs to be a homer, but just get off our butt, Bo.

I heard a rumor Coach Saban had all his dress shoes fed exed to Bo so he could spit and polish them to be ready for pickup after the game Saturday afternoon. Dudley is this true?

I must be listening to a different Bo Mattingly or maybe I listen much closer.

I think Bo tells it like it is for the most part - hard to polish a turd and the program is and has been one for quite some time.

I do think better days are ahead.

This is a regular theme on this board, “Bo hates us”. I’ve listented to him for years, he has accurate takes, great national guests, a good sense of humor, and most importantly he has DD and CH!

I thoroughly enjoy his show, and after I read these posts, I listen with the intent of hearing an anti-UA bias…and I’ve just never heard it.

I’m really starting to believe that you guys who feel this way either don’t actually listen to Bo or are so thin-skinned that you mistake his sense of humor for insults.

Just my .02, only my opinion and Lord knows I’m wrong plenty.


Delusion, paranoia, inferiority complexes, and posting ad nauseam about cheating refs are all hallmarks of a large segment of our fanbase